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    Congratulations to the shareholders!
    One should probably consider what function is fulfilled by custom titles. One thing I can think of is making your account more personal. As it is now, a user can open a new account, and lose nothing. If there is a token of an achievement associated with the account though, then a user will be less likely to jeopardize his account by trolling or flaming.   With the new system for giving thumbs up for useful posts, one could change the criteria from 1000 posts (which...
  Excellent first post, and since you mentioned the Oracle case, I'll leave this here for those interested:   http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/06/01/google-smacks-down-oracle-as-smartphone-trial-century-ends/
  You're joking, right?   I bet Google will be announcing ideas that they stole from Apple's announcement five days later... /s
You say "if the U.S. really wants this business", and then you say "if people want". I think that you mean a specific, very small group of people in both cases, which cannot be identified with "the U.S."
  But how many will want to use it?
What would be the point of that? Bring a piece of China to the US?   The US resembles a first-world country within a third-world country close enough.
Maps? Meh...
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