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  I wouldn't put too much weight on Apple's tray related patents. As is usual with such simple ideas, the patent should be pretty narrow to be specific enough. I'm sure other phone makers can implement a tray if they want to and not rely on any IP from Apple. HTC One X is one example that likely doesn't use the exact same method that Apple has patented.
Funny that Nokia's spokesman "believes", I'd think he should know for sure. But if Nokia have promised to license their patents, then the design must be acceptable to them.
  I think that the notch will be there though. Most likely the ETSI went with Moto/RIMs design. It has the same dimensions as Apple's, and dimensions is the only published info so far.
LOL, how is it Apple's design if the ETSI didn't say that? Anyway, good to know that they are moving on.
      I have supported my arguments many times providing links to sources or detailed explanations of my reasoning. Everyone can see that by following my post history, or even just by examining this thread. In fact, taking the time to post now is yet another example that I support my arguments.   It is therefore an indisputable fact that jragosta's claim, quoted above, is a blatant lie. That, and similar statements from the past, makes jragosta a liar.   Regarding the...
  Hey, look what the cat dragged! Do you have anything on topic to share, anantksundaram? Or are you only posting in my honor?   ;-)
    Let me elaborate... I see the fact that you can get iPhones as prepaid in the US as a sign of change:   US has had prepaid before; IPhone can be bought prepaid outside of the US; what's new is that the phone maker that has benefited most from the US subscription model is trying the alternative.
  Well, I see this a sign of the US finally starting to crack the horrible subscription model of the telecoms.
Jragosta, you are a shameless liar!
I consider the phone part the more important. The data I can do (and have done at times) completely without. Some of us have WiFi 23.30 out of 24.00 hours. Besides, wireless data plan is of little use in, say, NYC subway.
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