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Paper weight? I beg to differ!   Without a wireless plan, you get:   Compact 8 mpx camera Music player with 16 GB memory + iCloud All the apps you want Browsing on WiFi FaceTime Siri etc.   I don't remember where I read it, but smartphones are used less than 5% as phones.
The carrier should unlock it after three months upon request, IIRC.
$500 is a good price, the interesting question is if one can use the phone with a different plan.
  I don't recall anyone making claims about ENTIRE INDUSTRY'S AVERAGE PRICE, only about the 5 publishers who participated in the alleged collusion.   Another strawman argument from you - I don't even know why I bother with you any more, so I will stop here.
You're grasping straws. Obviously in this context (collusion) all prices means the prices of all publishers.   I am not providing the arguments -- they are all from the linked document. I urge you to read it.   PS. How much do you think Apple's lawyers make? How much do you expect to get for (failing) to do their job?
We've had this conversation before... The "very small sample" you speak of are the bestsellers that comprise most of the books being bought. If one title sells 100 copies and 10 titles sell one copy each (just an example, real values will differ, see link below), the average price of books sold would be heavily weighted towards this one bestseller title.   Check again all the actual data in the class action complaint, you will find plenty of graphs, individual examples,...
    Here are a few simple things Ai admins could have done to avoid misleading community members into believing that a mechanism for obtaining a custom title existed:     Close this thread Post a rebuttal in this thread "Unsticky" the thread Make custom titles available via the user control panel Increase the necessary number of posts to 1 googol Answer recent requests about titles with a definitive and clear statement Provide title customization as promised...
  It only starts to smell fishy when all the prices go up by 30% simultaneously...     That's what I've been suggesting as well. Meanwhile, as long as AI publishes news on the topic, we can comment on those... better than to comment on other posters credentials, right?
Hehe, Napster guy defending Spotify... I'm a fan of Pandora, have discovered many musicians with it. Is Apple also keeping Pandora stateside only? Bugger.
Yeah, nice save...
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