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Right... On patents (Wikipedia): "Novelty is a patentability requirement. An invention is not patentable if the claimed subject matter was disclosed before the date of filing, or before the date of priority if a priority is claimed, of the patent application." Whether Neonode patented this or not affects only Neonode's ability to claim their rights. It has no bearing on the fact that 2 years later this is not patentable, neither by Apple nor by anyone else. It is in the...
Did you watch the video? The answers to your questions are there. The Neonode pre-dates the iPhone with 2-3 years. I posted the link because I actually remember the device being talked about in the Swedish tech magasines in 2005-2006. The Neonode did not get the idea about slide-to-unlock from Apple. Apple is the copyist here.
My take on raw power is the following: Let's assume that your OS is very resource-efficient and doesn't need the extra power. Let's also assume that the interface is responsive enough. None of this will matter however, when we consider specific usage scenarios or use of third party applications. Games, as you point out, is one thing that will get affected. Multitasking is another. Heavier applications such as constant-on video messengers as Skype, or personal assistant...
The Dutch judge had ruled that the addition of an image (which is lacking in the Neonode) was too obvious to deserve a patent, quite understandably so. Images of sliders were used to demonstrate that the idea of visual cues to the gesture wasn't anything new or patent-worthy. In any case, I have doubt that anybody in the industry is going to be seriously bothered by this patent. Plenty of alternatives exist, including far more inventive ones.
Lol, that's a good one.
Old news, but sure to bring many clicks. So, there you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj-KS...layer_embedded
Inferior to what? For the price range this phone is competing in (~iP 3GS), it is quite decent. But I agree, specs-wise this phone is a dog. And apparently the OS doesn't help either -- no dual-core support in Q4 2011 - wtf?
I'm sure both surfing and email will work just fine, but that brings no revenue to Amazon. That would explain also why they don't have the Android Market; the Amazon Store seems quite adequate though, and will continue to grow.
I would think that they instruct trolls to not contradict each other in troll school, but what do I know... Anyway, I don't see how these phones are going to justify the move to Windows Phone; If I'd buy anything from Nokia now, it would only be the N9...
I guess it's mostly meant for video and games; Amazon still has the e-ink Kindles that are better suited for reading.
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