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Samsung cannot stop being silly.
The simple reason is because iOS actually has a larger market share despite all the assumptions.
Samsung lost again. No company is infringing on Samsung's "patents". Samsung is infringing on many patents belonging to many companies.
Apple is generally tactically futuristic.
Shssssh! Stop revealing! You will send Samsung on another wild chase.
Congratulations Apple for a well deserved honor.
Ugly! Ugly as usual. They are no doubt waiting for Apple to deliver so they can copy and compete.
Apple shouldn't pay dishonest media for good reviews. Let the quality of her products and sales data speak for her.
Ha ha ha! This one got away from Google. The innovation trend these days is buying up people's ideas.
This is bull.... Apple is doing well generally and has a promising outlook. I wonder what these arm chair analysts are talking about.
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