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You want video of the whole sequence?  LOL.
No proof?  Have you been living under a rock?  I already cited a good source. Face it, NOTHING will convince you it's defective.  If your own 6+ bends, you'll quietly bend it back and take the secret to your grave.  
At least when someone directs a comment at fanboys, you know you're included.
Can't believe how strong the fanboy is in the editorial.  The iPhone 6+ obviously has a design flaw.  Deal with it, fanboys.   I just ordered my 6+ today and will definitely put it in a rigid case.  Not happy about it, but I can live with it.  That doesn't mean I don't think Apple effed up; the 6+ should have been sufficiently rigid to withstand pocket stowage, including bending over and other positions.  That's true for any mobile device, but I expect more from Apple.  
Check the batteries in your snark detector dude.
Oh nooooo, Steve Jobs never ever sweared.  Nobody successful ever swears, only uncouth dirty people swear.  Only place one hears a lot of swearing is at seaports full of dirty sailors, whores, and hooligans!
Let me guess, you guys having issues with cellular connectivity are the same imbeciles who put iPhones in your pocket and whine when they bend.  And you blamed Apple when the 4 was out because you were too stupid to hold a phone properly.     Would you update OS X a few days before a big project was due?  Oh wait, you're retarded so you don't do big projects.  Let me spell it out for you:  if you need to make calls, don't update your iPhone.   Wait until you have at...
Just a warning:  there are reports of iExplorer bricking people's iPhones due to flakey behavior during backups and file access.  There are lots of other alternatives, I use iMazing (formerly DiskAid), for which no reports exist of it hosing iPhones.  
 Good points.  I saw that SD cards are slowly falling out of use, but Android devices also work with OTG USB cables, which let one plug in many different storage formates for read-only access.  It's also easy to manage files over one's WLAN, bypassing clouds altogether. I guess I misunderstood the tech you were describing - what I thought you meant (and what I'd want the most- probably why I read it that way) is a device that housed an SSD and battery, which functioned...
 Do you own any Android products that run recent OS builds?  
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