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 Apple already lost to Android:  This isn't Mac vs. Windows, either.  Unlike Windows, Android is a very good OS, and with Android L it may even achieve greatness.  I have both iOS and Android devices and Android is the more versatile and useful OS, but iOS is far more stable and responsive.  If Google can fix the stability, I'd even consider another Android device.  That will be no small undertaking seeing that my Nexus 7 randomly restarts every few hours, LOL.  It will be...
 Apple wouldn't sell the SSD in an Apple enclosure and let you plug it directly into an iPhone, because it would be too easy for aftermarket sellers to market enclosures that allowed users to slap in their own cheap drives.  Then users could carry the SSD in a pocket and no need to buy anything but the 16GB iPhone.  That is Apple's very own End Times scenario. The goal is to lay iCustomers over iBarrels and sell them iPhone NAND upgrades for 100-300 bucks.  They...
Just what we need, an Apple iSSD (128GB) that only works for backing up iPhones and costs upwards of $500.  I hope you didn't spend all day thinking that one up. Try backing up your iPhone to your Mac.  If you use Time Machine or some other backup strategy, you'll have several older iPhone backups in time  If you really need an encrypted backup, then your Mac will use an encrypted user directory, but since the backups are offline to a physical drive, the only way someone...
But if Apple offered an easy way to access drives directly from the iPhone, they wouldn't sell as many high NAND iPhones.  So they gimp the  product and the user experience. Also, the telecoms love the move to cloud storage, since it increases demand for their overpriced bandwidth. The NSA loves cloud storage too.   Everyone wins but the civilian. 
What a brilliant iPhone backup guide!   Next up:  how to use Contacts to make a call on your iPhone.   Don't miss last week's guide:  How to set a different ringtone on your iPhone!
This! It's a cockroach of a bug.  I suspect Apple lost some GUI designers after Jobs' death, because this sort of clusterfreak didn't happen without consequences when he was CEO.
Mother of God, that is so fucking ugly!  Who would wear such a monstrosity on their wrist?  
iPhone. Now in mens and womens plus sizes.
 Ooops, didn't see that.   Definitely buy a MacBook now if you have the money.  Broadwell won't enable you to do more, the goal is to get into OS X and start rockin'!  That sucks.  Maybe a sexy new MacBook will help get him a girlfriend!
 Cool, I suspected but didn't know for sure.  That bodes very well for Apple's continued success - and for the upcoming iWatch.
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