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iPhone. Now in mens and womens plus sizes.
 Ooops, didn't see that.   Definitely buy a MacBook now if you have the money.  Broadwell won't enable you to do more, the goal is to get into OS X and start rockin'!  That sucks.  Maybe a sexy new MacBook will help get him a girlfriend!
 Cool, I suspected but didn't know for sure.  That bodes very well for Apple's continued success - and for the upcoming iWatch.
 Quite right.  At least as far as the biography and accounts I've read, it's never entirely clear who originally conceived of particular projects.  If in ten years Apple products take a significantly different course, we may have an idea at least. Edit:  we can be sure at least that Steve wasn't involved in most of the design decisions of the iWatch project, since there's just no way it was at that stage when he was well enough to engage.  But yeah, he could have been...
 I think the upcoming product announcements, which represent the first truly post-Jobs products, will be an interesting look at what Apple can do without Jobs.  Apple's history shows that they did not fare well without Jobs, but today's Apple is a different company, infused with a corporate culture resulting from Jobs's leadership, the NeXT gurus he's put in places of leadership, and the new hires under his tenure.  I think we're about to learn whether Jobs was able to...
 We're talking about comparing Apple's innovation under Jobs versus other CEOs.  So the bar is set high:  innovation means "define a new market, or redefine a pre-existing market".   Other than the Powerbook and it's trackpad, which I concede reaches the level of Jobs era innovation, you listed a bunch of uninfluential technologies that had little impact on the market or Apple's sales.  They certainly didn't define new markets.  Those little technical advances are the...
 I'd like them to perform at the same level as they did under Jobs.  If that's too much to ask, then I guess Apple is done.  That's pretty much the whole point of my post.  As I stated earlier in the post:  Please try to read and understand the material before commenting.  
 Then don't buy one.    No, it won't do anything special.  Broadwell will be faster until its successor is faster.  So go buy your wife or girlfiend something to ensure long lasting sexual favors, because Broadwell sure as hell ain't gonna provide 'em.
 I'll bet you could make a list 3 feet long, if you include stuff like OpenTransport and built-in optical drives. Not sure how you figure licensing Mac OS was innovative, since Microsoft built Windows on the concept of licensing it to hardware vendors.  I guess when Apple does something, it's innovative, because Apple.
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