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Personal "robots" will catch on when and only when they can either perform sexual acts.  Until then they are a curiosity.
  I'm sure that sentiment would be widely popular among Apple stockholders, lol.   It's not a big deal, the EU just wants different fan grills.  Consumer products must conform to regulations in every country and Apple has plenty of experience in meeting those regulations.  Apple also have plenty of cash on hand to update the fans if they desired.   Most likely this isn't really even a problem with a Mac Pro replacement imminent.  Or, the Mac Pro will be EOLed soon...
Yes, you can boot a Mac Pro with the side panel off.  For some diagnostic tests you have to run it with the side panel off to access the logic board.   Lots of home users have Mac Pros, and many of them have little brats who like to go sticking their fingers in things.  The fans are unprotected because it's possible, if one tries hard enough, to stick a finder through the grills.  The obvious solution for homeowners is not to let little brats play around an open Mac Pro,...
  Yes, it's better not to conform to laws in such a large market as the EU.  Better to take a principled stand than to chuck in some different fans and make EU sales.   /snark
  Sounds like you need to stop telling people to stop buying Macs.   Some of us here are Apple investors.  You're not helping when you tell people to buy something else.
  Agreed.  For the price one may as well buy a MacBook Air.  It's just as portable and much more useful.     I also find it hard to believe that 128 GB is costing Apple any more than 64 GB did a few years ago.  It's not like they're using MLC Toggle NAND in these iPads, it's just slow flash memory that's dirt cheap.  
That's not the purpose of the Mini.  Apple wants you to buy an iMac or MBP if you do more than email and light surfing.     The mini is just a bait and switch product.  It's designed to demo OS X to new Mac users, and once they run into the limits of the hardware Apple expects them to throw out the mini and buy an iMac or MBP.  If Apple wanted a sub-$1000 computing solution, they would use desktop components and make it larger, though obviously things like the video card...
  What else is there that runs OS X natively?  Give me an option and I'll consider it.
  But they should build one.  That is the whole point.
Cook's quote might mean something if he occasional commented that "Apple's product pipeline is sucking air right now, but our engineers are having a breakout session tomorrow!"
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