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    Of course 16 GB is "enough" for an entry level device.  If Apple offered a 128 GB iPod Touch, it most certainly wouldn't be the entry level iPod!     Given how slow it is to sync music to an iPod Touch, it would be nice to fit a whole iTunes library on one.  That's why I own an iPod Classic, so I can cram as much music as possible on it and don't have to sync as often.  It's also nice to always have what I want to hear with me.  I listen to a lot of Jazz encoded in...
iPod? Maybe Apple EOLs the iPod classic and finally loads the iPod touch with enough memory?
  The key functional advance is the reduced screen glare.  Otherwise the thinness gimps the iMac as far as internal drives and video card options.
  Apple could make a sensor that plugs into your arse and send a notification when you need to take a dump.
  A better example is the MobileMe debacle.  Jobs fired MobileMe director Rob Schoeben after chewing out the team and telling them they should hate each other for having let each other down.  He condemned the entire team for having "tarnished Apple's image".     Note that the MobileMe debacle didn't have the same repercussions on sales that this iMac debacle has.  This iMac failure is comparable to some of Motorola's failures, and it's well documented how Jobs felt about...
Honors and awards don't make it any easier to plug a flash drive into the back of the TB display or upgrade the HDD/SSD in an iMac, do they?   They don't make the TB's display height adjustable, do they?
    That's about the only solution for most Macs.  It's sort of ugly to have a hub and a bunch of wires on the desk, Ive would have been wise to design some accessable ports on Macs to pretty up the desktop.  He's really a shortsighted designer.
If we're talking soldering RAM to the logic board, then that probably won't be an issue.  The rMBP has plenty of RAM, but will Apple do the right thing with a sub-$1000 Mini?  Probably.  The current strategy of offering base models with paltry amounts of RAM is designed to force purchases of RAM from Apple, but when RAM is no longer an upgradable component, Apple will be motivated to include enough RAM so as not to tarnish the image of OS X.     Also note that...
Only chumps and fools buy RAM through Apple.  I can't believe this is even a discussion.  
It may be different, but TB cable costs will be a huge adoption barrier.  Even if production advances cut cable costs in half (not likely), consumers will be faced with deciding between expensive TB peripherals and cables, and cheaper USB 3.0 "super speed" that is nearly as fast.  For 95% of all consumer uses, the USB solution will be just as good.     Apple's TB display is a desperate attempt to push TB on users and will very likely fail.  It offers few advantages over a...
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