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  So you believe there is no ergonomic difference between plugging a flash drive into the front of say, a Mac Pro, versus plugging it into the back of an iMac?   Interesting.             My point was regarding the purchase of a new display.  If the feature set is the same, but one is slightly thinner, what is the advantage to the consumer?  The new TB displays promise to have less glare, which is a good reason to wait for one.  Waiting because they're a bit thinner is...
Maybe I misread the original question, I thought it was regarding the advantages of a desktop computer with an external display versus an all in one design like the iMac.   Of course many of the advantages apply to using a Mini with an external display, that was the point.  And yes, the hot components glommed onto the back of the iMac's display do indeed affect display longevity.  iMac displays lose their ability to calibrate correctly over time faster than dedicated...
  Yes, because these days it's hard to find a peripheral that doesn't require Thunderbolt, LOL!   TB at this point is just Apple marketing.  There are plenty of alternate solutions that are as good or better, and many that are as good are also cheaper.  With USB 3.0 SuperSpeed or whatever it's called debuting, TB may well die a quick and painful death anyways.
 640K ought to be enough for the mini.
  1.  More display choices.   2.  Ability to share a display with the xMac mini and another computer.   3.  Longer display life without all the iMac's hot components. 4.  Ability to upgrade drives without a complete teardown (assuming Apple pulled their head out of their arse when designing the xMac mini).  5.  Ability to upgrade the computer without throwing out a beautiful 27" IPS display.   There are probably other advantages, but those are off the top of my head.  
Who cares how thin it is?  I'd rather have a better screen, more TB lanes, and USB 3.0 than "thinner".  When you're using the display it's impossible to know whether it's 1" thin or 2" thin anyways.   Also, I'd appreciate it if Apple stopped hiding ports like USB in hard to see and reach places.  On my Dell I can insert a flash drive without moving from my chair.  On an iMac/TB display, I have to give the display a reach-around to do the same thing.  This is another...
Perhaps Apple are trying to stifle competition against the upcoming iPr0n?  
Older computers are only scary to computer illiterate folks.  If you know how to troubleshoot hardware and hang new parts in a computer, then it rarely makes sense to buy new.  The money saved on a used computer is nearly always more than any repairs that computer may need in the future.  Obviously if you buy a lemon you're screwed, but eBay's policies now guarantee a buyer can return an item.  Just be sure to test it thoroughly.  Of course a studio is going to buy new...
  No, the iMac is a weird desktop/laptop hybrid.  If Apple just offered a headless iMac that would be an outrage.  Mobile graphics on a desktop?  Apple is mocking their users.       That is not true.         A far inferior solution to the Mac Pro's four internal SATA bays.    
  The Final Cut debacle suggests that Apple is pulling out.  That's the belief among the pro users I've spoken with, none of whom rely on a laptop as their primary content creation machine.  
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