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  So what exactly is your point?  That we don't need fast hardware because slower works well enough?  You used a lot of words to state the obvious, although things are more complex than your wordy post suggests.  Faster hardware not only gets sh!t done faster in the present, it remains viable longer into the future.  Contrary to Apple's landfill fodder business strategy, most people who buy $6000 Xeon workstations expect the hardware to not only support today's software,...
  Apple isn't going to migrate to a new architecture again, not with Intel at the top of their game.  And if Apple were to decide to migrate, the Mac Pro would be the LAST model they would migrate.     Beyond that, Apple obviously doesn't care about pushing computer tech limits with the Mac Pro.  They aren't even interested in taking what Intel can give them at this point.
Ever hear of a test mule?  You think Apple just tests a totally new hardware design at Apple HQ for a few months, then says "That's good enough!" and puts it into production?
  This is probably the best argument I've yet heard for the Mini or iMac over a Mac Pro.  Get sh!t done slower, so you have more time to think.  Think carefully about optimizing your work.     It's also amusing that the Apple hardware defenders keep mentioning the "Pegasus".  That just proves how limited fast external drive options are for Apple's disposable hardware -  you have one brand a couple models to choose.  Of course Thunderbolt storage has limited bandwidth...
It's the E5 v2 Xeon that's due for volume production in the 3rd quarter, I'm sure that's what he meant.     He's a video guy, he doesn't really know hardware tech any more than necessary to get his work done.  
  It's possible to be a professional content creator with a Mac Mini.  That doesn't make it preferable to use a Mini, does it?
Just passing along what my buddy told me.  I had to garble it a bit so he can't be indentified, otherwise, it's what he's been using at his studio.     3rd quarter 2013 is a long time though.  Apple could easily kill the Mac Pro before then, especially if their computer sales keep tanking.  I don't trust them to keep producing Macs more than 10 years or so.
Yes, there are consequences to mediocre products.
    I like the way you think.  Such a Mac Pro design is entirely plausible and as long as it was designed to be accessable, it could work well.     One caveat is cooling.  If two 12 core Xeons are to be cooled quietly, space is required.  If Apple starts getting cute with the cooling design (example:  Powermac G4 Cube), then it's game over for the Mac Pro.
Next up:  A cheaper Retina MacBook with a 17" display!
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