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  He could have improved the 17" MacBook Pro to improve sales, but that's a lot harder than just axing it.     It makes sense in one way, since having the 17" MBP next to the Retina MBPs would lead to confusion between wanting the biggest screen or the highest resolution, so I'll give him that one.   Mainly though, Cook's specialty is managing production and distribution.  He's exceptionally good at that, but those skills aren't what's needed to lead in innovation.
Hard to know where to start with an abomination like the Mini.  First thing Apple needs to do is wipe the slate clean and design a desktop computer to replace what is actually a headless iBook.     Start by building the new Mini around a desktop quad core Ivy Bridge i5 with CTO option for a quad core i7 with hyperthreading.  Add three PCIe slots, with one occupied by a full length video card.  Build the case so that access to the drive bays is as simple and quick as...
From where did you pull that nugget of wisdom?
So it hurts your feelings when people criticize Apple's products, is that it?  
  I've got a Nook Color which is pretty nice.  At the time I bought it, it had a higher pixel density than the iPad, which I preferred for reading text.  When I can finally buy a 7" Retina iPad, the nook color is history, but meanwhile it's seen a lot of use.
  An odd question, at that.  Why would a "PC-lover" give a squat about Apple's product lineup?
  Why are you here if you think PCs are so great???
Cook is a tool, all he's good for is managing the status quo.     His epic fail on the Mac Pro non-update was a joke.  And axing the 17" MacBook Pro?  Apple aren't serious about computing anymore, all they seem to care about are shiny baubles and gadgets.     I'd like to see a CEO who would just up and set his balls on the table and introduce a headless iMac.  
17" Retina display 1 SSD drive + 1 (preferably 2) 2.5" HDD bays, accessable hot swap.  8GB RAM standard, support for 32GB 1GB vRAM, optional upgrade to 2GB vRAM
I don't disagree on your comparison, but I do think you exagerrate the difference between the two at their release.  Aperture's GUI has some benefits over Lightrooms, in that one isn't forced to constantly switch between modules.  Personally I prefer Lightroom's approach, but others disagree.  
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