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It's the E5 v2 Xeon that's due for volume production in the 3rd quarter, I'm sure that's what he meant.     He's a video guy, he doesn't really know hardware tech any more than necessary to get his work done.  
  It's possible to be a professional content creator with a Mac Mini.  That doesn't make it preferable to use a Mini, does it?
Just passing along what my buddy told me.  I had to garble it a bit so he can't be indentified, otherwise, it's what he's been using at his studio.     3rd quarter 2013 is a long time though.  Apple could easily kill the Mac Pro before then, especially if their computer sales keep tanking.  I don't trust them to keep producing Macs more than 10 years or so.
Yes, there are consequences to mediocre products.
    I like the way you think.  Such a Mac Pro design is entirely plausible and as long as it was designed to be accessable, it could work well.     One caveat is cooling.  If two 12 core Xeons are to be cooled quietly, space is required.  If Apple starts getting cute with the cooling design (example:  Powermac G4 Cube), then it's game over for the Mac Pro.
Next up:  A cheaper Retina MacBook with a 17" display!
I can't believe this thread is drifting so bad.     This is an astounding rumor.  A new wireless standard is in existence, and Apple will at some point adopt it!
  Obviously you've never done a few lines before screwing.  It's pretty much the opposite of evil  :P
  This really gets to the crux of the problem:  the Mini is a headless MacBook, which is just stupid.  If it were built with desktop components then our wish list would take care of itself.  Since desktop components are cheaper, Apple could enjoy phatter margins.  The only explanation for the current Mini design is that Ive stuck in a "thin" rut and is afraid to come up with any new design motifs.  The days of the candy colored iMacs are long gone, now Ive's studio is a...
Thunderbolt is history already.  It certainly has advantages over USB 3.0 for select professional applications, but the industry caters to the masses, not the pros.  USB 3.0 is "good enough" at a fraction of the cost of TB.   TB disadvantages are manifold:   1.  Prohibitive cost to adapt:  it's not backwards compatible, so adopters must buy all new peripherals.  Peripherals are vastly more expensive than USB 3.0 peripherals due to the need for a TB controller....
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