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This was easy to see coming.  Apple effed up big time by gimping the iPad Mini's display, if it had been retina, then a higher price would have been justified and cannibalization of the larger iPad wouldn't have been an issue.  
LOL, I just added two 3 TB HDDs to my Mac Pro for a grand total of $280. Funny thing, since those drives went INSIDE my Mac Pro, it's thinner than a new iMac with some big-arsed TB enclosure and a rat's nest of cables.
  A need to actually write something longer than a discussion forum post?  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?  
Hopefully his light use of computers doesn't blind him to the fact that there are those who still use keyboards with computers to actually DO things besides chat.   I can only imagine Cook's communications within Apple:           I know I'm not the only one who hates the semi-literate correspondence imposed by touchscreen keyboards.  Half the time I don't know what the fu[k the other person is even talking about.  
I was attempting snark.  However I do like the idea of a Mac Pro with several  blade SSDs for storage, with all the HDDs in a separate (optional) enclosure connected via Apple's proprietary version of a sick fast SAS connection.  Of course I'd prefer a standard SAS connection that enabled Mac Pros to be used with any SAS enclosure, but this is Apple we're talking about.  They could even make the HDD enclosure stackable with the Mac Pro.  This would enable design...
  Same here.  I hope it's the new Mac Pro - I'd love to own a Mac Pro made in America.  It would be cool to lord it over all my rah rah Made In America relatives who are hard-core PC users.  Heh.   I'd buy it at an Apple Store just so I could drive it home in my Volt!
In my experience, the younger generation of  UAW members aren't as demanding as previous ones.  They know they can't expect the same sort of pay and benefits.  There are plenty of skilled unemployed workers in the area who would love the chance to work at an Apple assembly line, and I'd bet they would go non-union if that's what it took.  Before 2008 I'd have agreed with you about the mindset that needed "breaking", but not now.  GM's near-liquidation was a moment of...
  You fooled me.  I thought you were against unions in general.    Being from the area, I agree that they are generally overpaid and spoiled, and given to whining, but while some are "lazy and shiftless," most are not.  As for them doing harm to companies, GM does plenty of harm to themselves with their lazy, shiftless, and ignorant executives.  If you put GM's management in charge of selling heroin, they would fu[k that up, too.  A bunch of entitled pricks is what they...
Yep, the Detroit area has a sh!t ton of unemployed skilled workers.  Also a good number of engineering schools thanks to the auto companies.  Assembly lines don't need MIT engineers, they just need solid engineers.  MI is also used to giving manufacturing companies ginormous tax breaks for moving production into MI (or keeping it here).
  Never is a long time.  All it would take is a few seismic shifts in the world economy to bring production back to the US.  While I agree this is highly improbable, that's a long ways from impossible.     The idea that Apple are "blowing" their margins on this move is just silly.  There isn't enough info in that article to make such a claim.         All Apple products are made on assembly lines.     One advantage of moving now is that Apple won't have Jobs insisting on...
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