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1.  Make the drive bays accessable, and include a SATA connector for the second bay.  I shouldn't have to completely diassemble my mini to add a second HDD.  It's like Ive never heard of an OS X feature called Time Machine!  WTF should I have to use an external drive enclosure to use Time Machine?  Make up your mind Ive, do you want a cool looking THIN computer, or do you want your creation to be raped by some big ugly external HDD enclosure next to?   2.  Two RAM...
LTE iMac! 27 inches of phone, at your fingertips.
Probably one factor is that a number of users are waiting to upgrade to a retina MBP. It represents the greatest leap in laptop tech for Apple since the Intel transition, at least if you use your laptop for anything photography related (including pr0n).
There is still a signifcant quality difference between streaming media and optical media.  Certainly for BD versus iTunes streams.  And AAC versus CD, those studies showing that people cannot tell the difference must have been rigged.  Maybe if the right music was selected for comparison, the difference might not be noticable, but in general there is a clear difference.  The spatial quality of music recordings suffers tremendously with any lossy compression codec that...
Confirmed:  Mac Pro to be a modular design.   I just got confirmation from my buddy in San Fran, the upcoming Mac Pro will be a modular design.  The base module will have no SATA, only PCIe blade SSD storage (four slots on the prototype he used).  It retains PCIe expansion slots, and yes, a 7970 was installed.  He was cagey about the CPUs but said just look at Intel's roadmap for 3rd quarter 2013.  That would make them E7 Xeons, with possibly up to 12 cores each....
  Flash allocation is of minor importance given the robust iCloud integration.  A lack of a retina display affects usability far more, and places the iPad Mini below much of the competition.  It's selling based on the iPad brand and name, but handle one next to an Android tablet with higher resolution, and the mini is pretty mediocre.
This was easy to see coming.  Apple effed up big time by gimping the iPad Mini's display, if it had been retina, then a higher price would have been justified and cannibalization of the larger iPad wouldn't have been an issue.  
LOL, I just added two 3 TB HDDs to my Mac Pro for a grand total of $280. Funny thing, since those drives went INSIDE my Mac Pro, it's thinner than a new iMac with some big-arsed TB enclosure and a rat's nest of cables.
  A need to actually write something longer than a discussion forum post?  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?  
Hopefully his light use of computers doesn't blind him to the fact that there are those who still use keyboards with computers to actually DO things besides chat.   I can only imagine Cook's communications within Apple:           I know I'm not the only one who hates the semi-literate correspondence imposed by touchscreen keyboards.  Half the time I don't know what the fu[k the other person is even talking about.  
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