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One-handed mode is going to be HUGE!     Think about it - what is the main reason for getting a large display phone?  pr0n.  A one handed phablet will sell like pr0n.   iWatch will be the first real test of Apple's ability to innovate without The Steve.  The more I learn of it, the more excited I am for Apple's future.  
This is compelling news. I predict the iWatch will use a Sapphire crystal cover, and possibly feature extensive use of Liquid Metal. Not so sure about the liquid metal being near production, but we have reports of Apple investing in collossal Sapphire production capacity, so if they've solved the brittleness problem, it's likely destined for more than camera lens covers and touch ID buttons. An iWatch contructed with Liquid Metal and Sapphire will not only be...
16GB low end is ridiculous given the large and growing sizes of apps.  If Apple could squeeze sufficient margins out of a low end 16GB iPhone 4 years ago, surely they can squeeze the same margins out of a 32GB or even a 64GB low end today.     But this is the Apple we all know.  How long did they insist on selling Macs with 2GB of RAM, despite OS X's slothfullness below 4GB of RAM?   Thus they will continue to lose market share to Android phones as more loyal Mac and...
Apple's PR team are showing their chops.  This jacks the iWatch hype to 11.
A prototype building?  Nope.  That's the home of the Mac Mini engineering and design team.     The ventilation system is required to evacuate the bong smoke as deadlines near.  After the deadlines uneventfully pass, the ventilation system is again deactivated.
 This really doesn't relate to the iWatch, since even if it's a dud it will be 1000X more useful than your $1000 piece of jewelry that tells time. You could even pass an iWatch down to your grandkiddies:
 A $1000 watch is about eff-you status.  A watch with exquisite engineering and quality to last many lifetimes can be had for much less. An iWatch?  I'm keeping my expectations low, but Apple could pull a rabbit out of the hat.  If it's a useful tool - and some of the rumors suggest it may be an insanely useful tool - then it could create a new market as the iPhone did.  
LOL, you guys actually watch these things without Steve Jobs?  That's sort of like going to a Nirvana concert without Kurt Cobain...
Didn't Cook also say that the iPhone 5 size was "just right"?   ZOMG!  Tim Cook complains about latest Apple iPhone:  5.5" and even 4.7" is TOO BIG! In related news, that's what she said.
 They could call it the iPhone Compensator.
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