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  My Mac Pro doesn't have a rat's nest of cables anything like that Dell pictured.  If you added the number of HDDs, SSDs, and ODDs inside my Mac Pro to an iMac, you would have a LOT of cables not to mention of a lot of used up desk real estate.  I'd wager that my Mac Pro uses less desk space than a Mini with a comparable amount of storage.  I'm talking desk surface area, not volume.     I don't think many here at AI understand this concept.  Not everyone is content to...
  This attitude has served American business so well in recent decades!  
  That's a silly comparison.  Add the external HDDs and an external ODD to match the amount of drives that can be added internally to the desktop tower, and you'll find that it's the iMac with a rat's nest of cables behind it.
  The Power Mac G4 was called a "mini tower" by Apple and the base version was $1599 IIRC.  That counts as an xMac for many of us.
Ivy Bridge Xeon E5 V2 isn't due until 3rd quarter 2013, which jibes with Cook's comment about new Mac Pros in late 2013.     Maybe Apple has a special arrangement with Intel on the latest Xeons?  
Might work if Apple gets the fashion right.  I personally do not like watches, as I'm always hitting them against things and breaking them.  If I need to know the time, I just glance at a clock on the wall or on a computer screen or on my iPhone.  In my kitchen there are 5 clocks visible at all times.   Mainly I use watches to mark guys as vapid arseholes.  I see some businessman with a big gaudy expensive watch, I know not to trust him. 
When Hedge Fund managers do something other than move money around, I may actually care what they have to say.     Anyways, Einhorn must have better things to do, like take over some promising new American company and manage it into the ground.
  I've turned dozens of people on to Apple over the years, people who initially didn't think they needed a Mac and now would never dream of buying anything else.  I DO care about Macs.  So please stop telling me to go buy a PC.
  Then stop visiting this "Future Hardware" forum if you believe nothing at Apple ever changes. 
  Perhaps you can illuminate us as to why a consumer would choose TB over USB 3.0 SS?  No external drive can saturate either bus, but TB costs significantly more and offers far fewer devices to choose from.   Most PC users who need to use a PCIe card will just buy a cheap tower.  That leaves Mac users to support TB.  It's going to wither on the vine.
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