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This guy makes a good point, but there is also a danger of diluting enthusiasm with too many numbered releases. A new iPhone number currently generates excitement because people know it means a phone that is entirely new. Start calling the "S" models new numbers, and people will start yawning when they hear about an iPhone 27.
Mass is only one part of the momentum equation.     This is totally possible, although you're right that it would take up significant space (but not half according to the patent drawings).  Good thing components keep getting smaller.
Coolest innovation in gadgets for years IMO.  This is so Apple.  Jobs would be proud.
Yeah like I'm going to want to strap a big hunk of metal and glass to my wrist and wear it around everywhere.     Fail.  
Since every iDevice prompts the user to sign up for iCloud, this isn't very surprising.  I suspect that in this report "most-used" means most people signed up.     iCloud is great for syncing contacts and bookmarks.  Photo Stream is pretty cool.  Syncing files using a flat file system?  Not cool.  Android slaughters iOS when it comes to file management.  Apple really need to include a finder and make it easy to sync an iOS device with specific directories in OS X....
I'd settle for a very simple update: I say "Turn on Bluetooth" and Siri turns on Bluetooth. I realize such a feature would represent a huge technological leap for Apple, but we can always hope, yes?
Dual core i3? 4 GB RAM? Still not under $1000? Pathetic.
Finally a voice of reason regarding Apple's stock price.
 A game?  You mean like the ones played in Las Vegas?  Casino gambling is no basis for a sound economy.   The original purpose of the stock market was to raise capital so corporations could invest in their future.  The nonsense perpetrated by guys like Kramer et. al. is parasitic to a capitalist economy, and we pay the price with severe boom and bust cycles in our economy.  
Wait, people still watch ads?  Like, the ones on the TV Machine?  Wow.  I haven't watched an ad in over a decade.   This ad dork's analysis does get at the crux of Apple's problem today:  a severe lack of creative boldness.  Steve Jobs surrounded himself with people who would tolerate his aggresive creativity, so the result is that today Apple is run by timid execs who are afraid to dominate their competitors.  
New Posts  All Forums: