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The two video cards are the same because it's cheaper to manufacture identical cards and then solder the PCIe slot onto one of them.  There is only one slot, Apple made that clear.  They also made it clear that there is NO internal expansion.  Then they insinuated that the problem is not with their hardware, but with Mac users.       Your BTO ideas are awesome, but I'm afraid Apple will never execute them.  Still, we can dream.  It's not like we haven't gotten plenty of...
  Towers are popular with Pros because of their practicality, not because of some weird embedded mentality.  It's about function, which is why the current Mac Pro is so amazingly awesome.  It's why when most pros set up their first Mac Pro tower, there is a moment of silence while they pause to admire the internals before they replace the side panel and boot it up for the first time.   As for photography, you don't need a Xeon CPU, and FirePro video cards are an utter...
  The Mac Pro video card market is thriving.  Those FirePros may be teh awesome today, but in 5 years many Pro users will benefit from newer video cards.  That's great that you can do fine with your old video card, but especially with OpenCL advances, video cards are going to be even more vital to pros.     TB solves most cases for slots, but it's an expensive solution.  Adding a PCIe card to the iTube entails an expensive PCIe breakout chassis connected with a $50 cable....
USB 3.0 SS would be a welcome addition. The current USB 2.0 connector is a joke, and it's still hard to believe Apple introduced it with USB 3.0 already available. Now for USB 3.0 speeds there will need to be another connector change that obsoletes all the Lightning peripherals. This is just another example of Thin being prioritized over functionality. Thin is the ONLY benefit of Lightning. Transferring gigabytes of files over it is still like pouring molasses in the...
This guy is just talking out of his arse, he has no sources. Probably planning to short Apple stock and make a bundle.
Did Steve Jobs babble about being "disruptive"?  No, he just led Apple to make great, market-defining products.   If we call every successful product innnovation "disruptive" then we're not talking about innovation, we're talking about symantics.
This guy makes a good point, but there is also a danger of diluting enthusiasm with too many numbered releases. A new iPhone number currently generates excitement because people know it means a phone that is entirely new. Start calling the "S" models new numbers, and people will start yawning when they hear about an iPhone 27.
Mass is only one part of the momentum equation.     This is totally possible, although you're right that it would take up significant space (but not half according to the patent drawings).  Good thing components keep getting smaller.
Coolest innovation in gadgets for years IMO.  This is so Apple.  Jobs would be proud.
Yeah like I'm going to want to strap a big hunk of metal and glass to my wrist and wear it around everywhere.     Fail.  
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