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  No, the iMac is a weird desktop/laptop hybrid.  If Apple just offered a headless iMac that would be an outrage.  Mobile graphics on a desktop?  Apple is mocking their users.       That is not true.         A far inferior solution to the Mac Pro's four internal SATA bays.    
  The Final Cut debacle suggests that Apple is pulling out.  That's the belief among the pro users I've spoken with, none of whom rely on a laptop as their primary content creation machine.  
  Why would I buy a new Mac Pro?  Those things are a waste of money!  When Apple makes a consumer desktop I'll buy it, but until then I'm not blowing $2500 on a stripped down desktop computer.  You're damn right I'll be buying a used 2013 Mac Pro in 2015 or so!   As for my Mac Pro being obsolete, it would be if I were using it for Xeon workstation tasks.  Instead I use it primarily for Lightroom and Photoshop.  And make no mistake, it is better than the current iMac, and...
  Sure, every current game on maximum.  Not in a couple years.  But Apple wants you to throw out your iMac in a couple years and buy a new one.  
  Nvidia has drivers on their website.     The problem is EFI support, so even with the Nvidia drivers there is no boot screen support.  Just buy a flashed Nvidia card with a 64-bit EFI ROM and you're good to go.     Apple could be offering Mac versions of these cards and making some money on them if they didn't have their heads up their arses.  It's really a shame that Apple is pulling out of professional computing.
That's the problem with the iMac, it's gimped.   I bought a 2009 Mac Pro and upgraded it to:   3.46 GHz Hexacore Xeon W3690 24GB RAM XFX 6870 Black Edition Blu-Ray player (fu[k you, Apple!) 6 G SATA PCIe HBA (Rocket 640L - natively supported, but not advertised as such :) Two 256 GB Plextor M3S SSDs, in RAID 0 volume on the PCIe HBA Two 2 TB Seagate Barracudas One 3 TB WD Green   I bought most of the components used on eBay (very carefully!) and the W3690 was huge score...
That is without question the most beautiful Corvette made in my lifetime.  Finally, Chevy made a Corvette that looks as good as it goes.     Still, Chevy needs to EOL the Corvette.  It's only a tiny fraction of their total sales and thus is not very profitable.  Most of Chevrolet's business is with family cars like the Cruze, so that's where they should focus their engineering efforts.  Furthermore, the Camaro can do 90% of what a Corvette can do, and for that last 10%...
Yet another analyst talking out of his arse.   "Black ice"?  LOL!
Just offer a Retina iPad Mini and I'll be happy.  Until then, my Nook Color works fine as a reader.
Since Scully is saying this, it's probably safe to assume that a cheap iPhone would be a really fu[king bad idea.
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