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  I've upgraded the CPUs on nearly two dozen Mac Pros.  Going from a 2.66 GHz W3520 Nehalem quad core to a 3.33 GHz W3680 Westmere hexa core is the best bang for the buck, and if you also upgrade the GT 120 to a 6870 it's just like getting a new Mac Pro.     This talk here of the need for a tiny Mac Pro is quite puzzling.  I've never encountered any professional who complained about the Mac Pro's size.  What I have heard them complain about is Apple's ancient video cards...
  As someone who uses a tablet primarily as a reader, I totally disagree.  The full-sized iPad is a bit large to curl up with in bed, while the mini is the perfect size to hold for hours of reading.  Some people will undoubtedly buy a Retina Mini because they don't want to spend extra money on a full-sized iPad, but many others will buy a Retina Mini because it's simply the right size for their needs.     Some of the comments here make me wonder if the commenters have...
Sounds like a really bad idea. I don't remember ever having dealt with a Staple's salesperson who wasn't a complete imbecile. Maybe it would be ok if it were just iPads, but MacBooks...no way. Staples will produce too many befuddled and unhappy Mac users.
Meh. The next genius to lead Apple will not think like Steve Jobs, just as Jobs did not think like those before him. That's part of what made him so brilliant.
  Two SSDs Five HDDs One ODD, because I watch MOVIES on my Mac Pro.  Understand the concept of entertainment?  Streaming movies are worthless to me because I live in a rural area and pay by the gigabyte.     That all fits in one box?  Are you delusional?       If they were purely functional then the iMac would have a few easily accessable ports for things like flash drives or transiently plugged in cables.  The Mac Pro is an example of ergonomic port placement.  The iMac...
  My Mac Pro doesn't have a rat's nest of cables anything like that Dell pictured.  If you added the number of HDDs, SSDs, and ODDs inside my Mac Pro to an iMac, you would have a LOT of cables not to mention of a lot of used up desk real estate.  I'd wager that my Mac Pro uses less desk space than a Mini with a comparable amount of storage.  I'm talking desk surface area, not volume.     I don't think many here at AI understand this concept.  Not everyone is content to...
  This attitude has served American business so well in recent decades!  
  That's a silly comparison.  Add the external HDDs and an external ODD to match the amount of drives that can be added internally to the desktop tower, and you'll find that it's the iMac with a rat's nest of cables behind it.
  The Power Mac G4 was called a "mini tower" by Apple and the base version was $1599 IIRC.  That counts as an xMac for many of us.
Ivy Bridge Xeon E5 V2 isn't due until 3rd quarter 2013, which jibes with Cook's comment about new Mac Pros in late 2013.     Maybe Apple has a special arrangement with Intel on the latest Xeons?  
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