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  Except when three or more tachyon drives are mounted on the same Mac system, bad things can happen that threaten the future of humanity...
  There were more rumors back then.  First the rumor of a new product, then the rumor that Steve Jobs threw a phone across a room and changed suppliers when he discovered the new product was leaked.     I still remember when ATI accidentally leaked the new video cards for a Mac before the official release.  Jobs got so pissed he switched the line to Nvidia for a cycle.  At least that was the rumor :)
Hopefully Apple will release a big screen iPhone to sell alongside the iPhone 5.  Personally I like the size of the 5 and even the 4S is fine for myself, but Apple are losing sales to 'Droids with big screens.  A 6" Retina iPhone could nip that trend in the bud.
  Apple's corporate motto.
Cook said sometime later next year.  EP v2 Xeons aren't due until the third quarter, so most likely that's when the new Mac Pros will roll out.  
Ive is still working on making them thin enough.
  So by this reasoning, Chevrolet should kill the Corvette and Dodge should kill the Viper.  Neither car amounts to much in profits, so what good are they?     Of course, if Chevy killed the Corvette, it wouldn't affect the rest of their lineup's functionality.  If Apple kills the Mac Pro, eventually there will be less interest in Mac OS X among content creation developers, and so the iMac will be able to do less.          
  They will because thinner.  Apple are also undoubtedly pissed that they still have to sell laptops with optical drives in them, so there is another reason to ditch the thicker MBP.  They even gimped the iMac to make it thinner, and that's a desktop where there is no functional benefit to it being thin.  There are good reasons to make a laptop computer thinner and lighter, but logical design has nothing to do with it.  Ive wants thin, Jobs gave it his blessing, that's...
  So what exactly is your point?  That we don't need fast hardware because slower works well enough?  You used a lot of words to state the obvious, although things are more complex than your wordy post suggests.  Faster hardware not only gets sh!t done faster in the present, it remains viable longer into the future.  Contrary to Apple's landfill fodder business strategy, most people who buy $6000 Xeon workstations expect the hardware to not only support today's software,...
  Apple isn't going to migrate to a new architecture again, not with Intel at the top of their game.  And if Apple were to decide to migrate, the Mac Pro would be the LAST model they would migrate.     Beyond that, Apple obviously doesn't care about pushing computer tech limits with the Mac Pro.  They aren't even interested in taking what Intel can give them at this point.
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