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Might work if Apple gets the fashion right.  I personally do not like watches, as I'm always hitting them against things and breaking them.  If I need to know the time, I just glance at a clock on the wall or on a computer screen or on my iPhone.  In my kitchen there are 5 clocks visible at all times.   Mainly I use watches to mark guys as vapid arseholes.  I see some businessman with a big gaudy expensive watch, I know not to trust him. 
When Hedge Fund managers do something other than move money around, I may actually care what they have to say.     Anyways, Einhorn must have better things to do, like take over some promising new American company and manage it into the ground.
  I've turned dozens of people on to Apple over the years, people who initially didn't think they needed a Mac and now would never dream of buying anything else.  I DO care about Macs.  So please stop telling me to go buy a PC.
  Then stop visiting this "Future Hardware" forum if you believe nothing at Apple ever changes. 
  Perhaps you can illuminate us as to why a consumer would choose TB over USB 3.0 SS?  No external drive can saturate either bus, but TB costs significantly more and offers far fewer devices to choose from.   Most PC users who need to use a PCIe card will just buy a cheap tower.  That leaves Mac users to support TB.  It's going to wither on the vine.
There are many "xMac" mini tower i7 offerings on the PC side, for example the HP Z220 which can be configured with a quad core i7 for a reasonable price.  That review I linked is for the small form factor version, there is also a larger version that can handle full sized PCIe cards.  If Apple did something like this, they would undoubtedly neuter it with a form factor limited to lo pro PCIe cards, assuming the Mac Pro isn't EOLed.   Remove the ODD from the HP Z220...
It's confusing because instead of calling it "USB 3.1", they are calling it "USB 3.0 SuperSpeed".  In any event, 10 Gbps USB will render Thunderbolt irrelevant in the consumer space.  I'd rather see the new Mac Pros offer USB SS than TB, if it comes down to a question of either or.
Totally agree on the need for an xMac, for the very reason you stated.   As far as internal drive backups, I've always used an internal drive in my Mac Pro for Time Machine, but I consider my "true" backups to be the disk images of various drives and data on my external drives.  Another way to look at it is, hourly backups on an internal drive, but daily or weekly backups on an external drive.
LOL, $40 + $50 for a 3 meter TB cable.  $10/foot for an ethernet cable, yee-haw!!!!   I can cut an ethernet cable to length off a large spool and install my own connectors for under $10, and that's for a cable well over 3 meters.   TB is going nowhere until cables drop in price significantly.  
You don't find it disrespectful to interact with employees in this way?  
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