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[quote]Originally posted by engpjp: But why does it come so quickly? why not keep it until the next MAJOR release? Interesting.... engpjp
It was planned for Jaguar, but didn't make it, so Apple is including it in a point release. Since Jaguar is a paid update, Apple needs to give every reason they can for updating, and a journal file system is simply one more feature to entice Mac users to upgrade. Since 10.3 is likely to be a free...
What about taste? Ever wonder what Aqua tastes like? What sort of aftertaste would linger after you licked OS X? I don't mean licking the display, oh no, I mean licking OS X! To actually LICK AQUA--what would it taste like?
[quote]Originally posted by mrmister: For me I love the Dock AND I love my hierarchical Apple menus, so I kept both--in OS X i religiously run: FruitMenu (Look, there's a better Apple Menu than OS 9...and contextual menus.)
I love hierarchical menus, but an Apple menu isn't enough....so I use the dock for my hierarchical menus. You do know that this is possible, right? Just drop in a folder, right click, and you get a nice...
You can disable all of the ATI extensions in classic mode....you're right, OS X handles driving the video card. I've got an OS X extension set that lets me start Classic in under 40 seconds. Very nice!
At least wait until mid-november, when many are predicting that the Titanium will be upgraded. The new revision will probably have a 1 GHz G4 and perhaps a new, faster video card. But even the current Titanium is far better than the Dell. Not only does it have better quality parts, and a higher resale value, but it runs OS X. If you haven't used OS X yet, then that would explain why you're even considering the Dell. Most people who have used OS X are blown away by...
20 fps normal 50 fps using the "rough but faster" setting Powermac G4, 400 mhz, original Radeon 32 mb I've always been disappointed with iTunes visuals in OS X. I used to use G-Force in OS 9, but it's not even usable in OS X on my system....too slow and it doesn't follow the rhythm properly. I don't understand why visuals are so much slower in OS X, since I thought that open GL in OS X is faster than in OS 9!
Only applications that need to address very large amounts of memory, or that perform certain types of calculations, will benefit from a 64 bit CPU. MOST applications used by most users will not be any faster on a 64 bit CPU, and may in fact be slightly slower (but only a few percent slower). But for marketing, 64 bit will do wonders. Most people assume that it will speed up apps even more than altivec! lol!
Radio is nothing but corporate bullsh!t today. NPR is the only station worth listening to, but I wouldn't buy an iPod for that. But a microphone input, that would be cool....I'd use that.
I'd rather see 5400 rpm drives become standard in Mac laptops before ATA 100. 4200 is pretty lame in any laptop if you ask me.
[quote]Originally posted by trailmaster308: I don't see how it is Apple's Executive Developments fault that Moto. is not coming up with any new hardware.
It's not Apple's fault that Motorola can't figure out how to fab a competitive desktop CPU for Macs. However, it IS Apple's fault for not having made the appropriate plans for using an alternative CPU sooner. Powermacs should already be shipping with the next generation CPU, and it is...
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