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 Are you sure you're comfortable with that position? How are you going to feel when you sue for car trouble and the judge says, "You should know that commercials are fiction and besides, no one said the car would start EVERY day." I'm not defending the ridiculous lawsuit, but the wording of the judgement is pretty troubling.
While the lawsuit is obvious slop, I do find it a little disturbing that the judge has now, through wording of the judgement, created a precedent that says "Commercials are bullshit, and you can't expect a product to work as advertised." Yikes.
 My wife said I shouldn't upgrade and I responded that Apple has always restricted updates to only devices that can manage them, so if my device is on the "eligible" list I have nothing to worry about. I think this is the first time that hasn't been completely true, so THIS time I hold Apple responsible. NEXT time it's on me. Fool me once, etc. :) I like the idea that Apple let me decide whether or not the new features are worth the trade-off in performance though. I hope...
 If I can't have a BIG screen, I too would prefer the 3.5". A screen that's only a little bigger than what they make now doesn't really help and just makes it harder to use. Honestly, I don't know why they don't just offer a voice-capable version of the iPad mini and call it a day!
 That's obviously excellent news, but I'm confused. A standard 15" MacBook screen is 1440 pixels wide. Let's pick arbitrary sizes for a couple windows; say the main app window is 900 pixels wide and a floating palette is 252. Those two windows occupy 80% of the screen width. Now open the same windows on a Retina MacBook. Its screen is 2880 pixels wide, but it uses twice as many pixels across the width of each window. The main app window is now 1800 pixels wide and the...
 The database idea is excellent, as long as people know about it. An unsuspecting buyer could wind up with a blacklisted phone if (s)he doesn't know to check the database. One of my co-workers also wondered about turnaround time. How often is the database updated? How long does it take for updates to percolate down to potential buyers? If I steal your phone and post it on Craigslist right away, can I sell it before it shows up on the list?
 Okay, I understand and respect your judgement. I apologize for my bluster. I also apologize to Tallest Skil for the misdirected accusation. I was wrong. The only issue left is that it's both fun and funny to write stuff like the "Oh Honey" bit. Where will I exercise that craft if not here? 
 True, but there wasn't any indication given that it would significantly affect device performance either. One can't be said to have made ones' own bed by choosing to upgrade when one doesn't have the information necessary to make an informed choice. Personally, I'm glad Apple afforded me the opportunity to find out for myself whether or not I like the new software on my old device. I just wish they had also given me the option to back out of it if I didn't. FWIW, some of...
 No, the higher density of the Retina does not address the size issue at all. The Retina display has more pixels, but they don't do me any good from a real-estate point of view. You don't get any more windows or palettes on the screen than you would with a non-Retina 15". The Retina is equivalent to the old 1440 15", just sharper. One can scale it to different resolutions, but that just results in text that's too small to read and blurrier than a non-Retina display. The...
 Stupid text-based medium. You couldn't see the smart-assed smirk on my face as I wrote. No offence taken. Just jabbing back. We good?
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