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 Perfectly reasonable argument, and if there was an "good enough" version for those folks and a "High Performance" version for those who need it, the world would have one less reason to point at Apple and laugh!  LOL! I never understood the idea of buying a $$$ computer to play games instead of a PS3 or XBox or whatever. I actually don't care how Apple does it, I just want to be able to scrub and play full-frame uncompressed HD video without hunting, buffering and...
 Wanna have exactly the OPPOSITE experience? Go to a symphony concert in a really nice venue, then rush home and play a recording of the same pieces! Don't do it... ever. Years and years of ear training and controlled listening go completely to crap as you realize that this wonderful playback system that cost more than a good car and that sounds SOOO good is actually only able to reproduce that live event about as well as a Polaroid captures how nice your girlfriend's skin...
 In WHAT WAY will 24/96 sound better than 16/44? What do you get with 8 more bits? What does doubling the sample rate do? Until you can answer those questions based purely on what  Nyquist, the fundamental rule of digital theory dictates, you can't begin to make any kind of objective assessment. You're human and easily fooled. Think optical illusion, magicians and placebo affect. I'm an audio engineer. I know how Nyquist works. I know what can and can NOT be accomplished...
 For me the single most important part is the operating system, making hardware decisions much more limited and sometimes frustrating.
 In what way do the higher res files sound better than a 16-bit file? What is the audible difference? Can you please also explain how Nyquist's theorem works? After you do that, you can elaborate on the benefit of any sample rate over ~40KHz?
 Humor, yes? If not, please go back and read what (s)he wrote: "...make up FOR a general lack of reading comprehension..." I thought it was one of the better posts in this thread, and made Flaneur seem a much more sympathetic character!
Quote: I wonder if there's a way to find out whether or not Apple really does apply weighting to compensate for thumb parallax? If so, it would explain why I get mis-types on keys I'm POSITIVE I hit dead on. Maybe the "hot zone" is not actually within the boundaries of the screen image of the key.
Man, this is grasping for positive news:   "The new, shitty integrated graphics are less shitty than the old, shitty integrated graphics."   The question of why a "Pro" machine is limited to integrated graphics in the first place is left to be posed by critical persons who will be labelled "haters."
 I misunderstood, too. I got the impression that you want your ATV to automatically update without any intervention  from you.  I'm pretty sure Apple can already add and remove channels at will without your consent, and can do so without a software revision. I know for sure they can add them, since new crap keeps appearing on mine -- Vevo, iMove Theatre, iTunes Festival being a few examples.
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