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 As long as all you're streaming is the hyper-compressed kind of material you get off the iTunes store et al I suppose you wouldn't see any need for higher bandwidth, but if you ever hope to see a sunset that doesn't look more like the red end of a rainbow you'll start to.
 True. Still, it's funny when people who wave their hands dismissively at the notion of an optical drive suddenly realize, as my friend did yesterday, that some of the software he already owns is on DVD and installing it on his shiny new Air means having to buy an external borrow mine!   Wow, you is city-feller smart! I is thoroughly impressed with yer analysis and hope that you is right.
 Have we met? Who the hell are you and why the hell should I care? As for your suggestion that TS somehow "pissed in my soup" (whatever that means) how about you try reading the freakin' thread before spouting off, m'kay? It's painfully obvious that you only skimmed most of it and just jumped in at the end because you have no fūcking clue what you're talking about. If you wanna act all superior you should probably start with not looking like an idiot.
 Oh I get that. I'm not arguing for or against them or guessing at relative numbers. I was responding to the claim that people who buy Apple don't WANT optical drives. That might be true, but we don't have any way of knowing. *IF* there were a machine available with or without we could test that statement, but since all the machines without 'em are also different than the ones that do in ways that are much more significant, no reasonable comparison can be drawn.  I used to...
 Could well be, but by using universally accepted standard form factors for RAM and storage I have the choice of paying their premium or buying from a third-party and doing it myself. Since Apple solders in the RAM and uses their own format of storage media, the only option is to pay their egregious prices because there's no DIY alternative.  Seriously? Lemme get this straight... we dumped optical drives, soldered in the RAM and went to a cost-prohibitive proprietary...
 I agree that the rMBP is an improvement over the previous generation except for: - forcing me to pay WAAAAY too much for RAM,- forcing me to pay WAAAAY too much for storage,- making it impossible for me to replace said storage when it inevitably wears out,- forcing me to pay WAAAAY too much for the replacement storage, and- not offering a 17" version. Other than that, it's gold! 
 Bullshit! I said you DON'T know which one sells better, and that even if you did, it says NOTHING about whether or not Apple customers actually want optical drives in their computers. You're claiming to know something the rest of us don't, so let's have it. I call. Please, just explain how the **** the existence of both cMBP and rMBP indicate that Apple customers do not want optical drives. Obviously you can't, so please just drop the ridiculous "persecuted enigma"...
 ...but it's up to you to figure out how, because Mechanic doesn't want anyone to know how badly she sucks at trying to explain all those confusing technical gewgaws. At least I guess that's why. I can't think of any other reason someone would just post a contradiction with absolutely nothing to support it. You can't.Yes, you can.No, you can't.Yes, you can.No, you can't.Yes, you can.No, you can't.Yes, you can. Ahhh, that takes me back... it's like being three years old again.
 I don't know enough about Jobs or his work at Apple to presume to speculate about what he would or would not do, but speaking specifically to the example you raised and how it relates to the subject at hand: OS X eventually became a truly wonderful thing, but it took four generations to get there. 10.0 replaced a mature and well-understood UI with an inconsistent combination of ingenious and poorly-thought-out functions and controls. So, while it was ultimately a step in...
 Yeah, that's what I thought. Long on smart-ass mocking, short on any actual information, data and insight. You have no idea what you're talking about, do you? Thanks for nothing.
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