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 The thinking behind the new search system completely eludes me. I'm sure there's reasoning there, but whatever it is comes at the expense of speed and ease-of-use -- it's a HELL of a lot slower and less convenient than the old way. I very, very, very much prefer the old "progressive exclusion" system.  That's entirely possible, but I can tell you first hand that I often run into issues that seem to suggest that something is broken in iT11. For example, our need to sync...
 Oh yeah, you're a riot, Alice... So, what about the fact that the presence or absence of the ODD may be the LEAST significant difference between the two models, making the comparison pointless? Which version is selling better? How do you know which model is selling better?
 Much worse than appropriately misusing that information.  This has been reported to the Department of Redundancy Department.
 No, it's not. One has a Retina display, the other doesn't. One has a hard drive, the other uses proprietary solid state storage. One is smaller and lighter than the other. One is much less expensive than the other. There are so many really significant differences that it's impossible to know how much influence, if any, the optical drive had on any buyer's decision.  Well, be sure to keep it to yourself. No one here wants to know which one wins or how you know.
 Because the article is saying that the number of people buying PCs is growing while the number of people buying Macs is shrinking. So, "why not" is because it's possible it's not true. Or maybe it is, but we don't really know and it's no longer a safe assumption (if it ever really was). All this "conventional wisdom" about what makes a Mac the preferred choice is obviously flawed somewhere. Instead of the typical Gospel of Mac platitudes, it would be interesting to hear...
  I actually typed, then deleted, "...and don't trot out the MacBook Pro because they are NOT equivalent and thus not a reasonable comparison." I thought it was silly to bother including that because it was TOO OBVIOUS. Besides, we don't know which version is selling better anyway.
 As the first step, to be followed by "and paste." If I want to remove certain files from one folder and put them in another, cut and paste would be a convenient way to do so. It's not the ONLY way, but it does seem like a logical approach.  You said Apple consumers don't want optical drives. I'm saying there's no way to know whether they do or not. If Apple sold, say, the iMac both with and without ODD we could compare the numbers and see if there actually is real demand....
 What would make a small tower "worthless junk?" I can think of all kinds of ways that a "Mac Medium" could open up a whole new market. It may not be a market Apple wants, like large-screen notebooks, but that doesn't mean it's a bad idea.  That's a ridiculous remark. The only reason Apple's consumers don't consume optical drives is because they CAN'T. YOU may not see a need, but lots of people still prefer to consume media via physical disc, and there are still really...
 Seriously? C'mon Phil, now you're being disingenuous. If Ford built a car with a choice of engines, the least expensive of which would overheat, would you defend Ford by arguing that most people buy the more expensive engine so it doesn't really matter? Of course not. I don't know how many HHDs vs. Fusion they sold BEFORE THE SSD WAS EVEN AVAILABLE, but it doesn't affect MY POINT which was that the design puts form before function.
 So, your point is that Apple really doesn't give Shit One what their customers want or expect, they will just do whatever the hell they want whenever they want and if we don't like it we can just suck it? High praise. Gee, why would I ever consider another vendor? 
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