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 I don't remember the exact message anymore, but I when I powered it up all I could get was a screen telling me "It ain't gonna work without a SIM." 3G non-S.
 Dear Apple: Please hire Martin Hajek to design the next iPhone. His vision of what it could be looks awesome. Thanks a lot. Sincerely,V5V
 Sorry, I missed the context there. Understood now.
 True. Agree completely.  But see, for some of us the purchase decision wasn't BECAUSE of the screen size but IN SPITE of it. I wanted a larger screen but I wasn't willing to change platforms to get it. Each of us has our own list of preferences and priority order that we use to build our own, unique acceptable compromise. So, for some (maybe even many?) the choice of an iPhone isn't an endorsement of the screen size, it's an accepted compromise.
We still have our old iPhones lying around, but in our case you can blame the @#$% carriers!   It occurred to me that an old iPhone would make a perfectly good iPod for my grandson and another could find renewed life as a point-and-shoot camera, but we'd have to pay the carrier $75 each to unlock them!   How the hell legislators continue to allow carriers to lock a device that belongs to the user completely mystifies me.
 For the last two years, expressions here of desire for a larger screen have been met with "Then buy something else." Could these images signal a degree of poetic justice in those dismissive bumwipes now being in a position of having to choose between THEIR preferred design or another brand? Of having their preferences mocked and insulted they way the small-preferring set have until now, using terms like "moron" and "clown phone?" Wouldn't that be a hilarious...
 Whereas I think the asymmetric layout actually looks BETTER than top and bottom being the same size. Apparently it's just not possible to please everyone with just one style. Hopefully they will offer a variety the way they do with their other products.
 Even if it were true, it DOESN"T MATTER!!! People LIKE the big screens! They BUY them! No one CARES what you think! Others recognize the benefit even if you can't and choose their device based on that. Besides, what the hell do YOU care? It's not like you're going to buy a new phone in this decade anyway. Why don't you leave the lobbying to those who actually have an interest in the outcome?
 FaceTime, not so much to be honest, but Messages, if and when Apple ever gets it working, is actually gonna be quite handy. I find it easier to answer a text message from a desktop app on my Mac than a tiny keyboard on a tiny touchscreen. Hopefully Apple will get it working soon. I just want others to use whatever platform I do because it's more convenient for me, and if that means Apple needs to make a cheaper phone, then I want them to do that! Also I want Apple to have...
 Sometimes I wonder how people on this forum come up with such seemingly illogical opinions. Then we get one of these examples of what passes for reading comprehension these days.
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