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  ...or WILL they? Remind me to visit the site on October 2 to see if I can actually place an order. I'm betting it won't be possible.
    Your points are not mutually exclusive. I'm betting you're BOTH right.
  How confident are we that these things actually exist and are not an elaborate prank or scam?
  Gotcha. Makes sense.   Thanks for the info! Very interesting.
  Another article on the same subject mentioned that change too, suggesting that the culture at Apple is now more "corporate" with an increase in spreadsheets etc.   As one who has recently gone through a similar change I can tell you that it's shocking how quickly a shift to a "corporate culture" can suck the life out of creative people. Passionate debates over how to do things are replaced with policy memos, support people are replaced with online tools, and nothing...
  I don't know which bothers me more... the arrogance you exhibit with this kind of pontification or the ignorance you betray while doing it. You really believe that pros don't know how to manage their own businesses, and you know better than they what's good for them? Wow. It must be nice to be omniscient.   Enjoy the bozo bin.
  Right? Morons. If they downloaded their movies instead of buying physical media they could be absolutely sure their collection is always safe, because their movies will not play anywhere else!
  ??? Huh? Different amounts of RAM?   Or did you mean flash storage?   I suppose they could introduce the former, but the latter is more consistent with past practice.
  If the 5 was not compelling enough to get you to upgrade, why would you buy the 5S? Assuming the generally accepted rumours are true, it's just the same phone but faster, possibly with a fingerprint sensor.   The 5 is a great device and I'm sure the 5S will be too. I see no reason NOT to upgrade. I just don't understand what the 5S offers that would tip you over the edge when the 5 didn't?
  Your post says you're in St. Louis, so "here" obviously doesn't mean China. That leaves me having no idea what you mean when you talk about them going on sale here.
New Posts  All Forums: