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  Why? So you can see the dozens of people and mountains of equipment that are now hidden behind the camera? They all gotta be somewhere...
  Well, *I* still don't know anyone who's using an iPad for production!    But seriously, the iPad seems to have become the Portastudio of the 21st century. Maybe not up to the task of actual album production, but a really handy musical notepad and tool for song writing and development.
  Only kinda sorta. Different screens for different functions. Doesn't control the other boxes in the system or even the TV. Requires waking and authorization every time I want to use it. And there's no tactile controls so I have to look at it to control anything rather than feel the volume and channel buttons in intuitive places.   But other than that it works pretty well.
  Y'think? I think it'll be IP.
  I know lots of iPad music hobbiests, but so far I still don't know anyone who uses one for making a living.
  So a digital headphone would require a ditial-to-analog converter, an amplifier, and some means of providing power to those devices. Seems like a lotta hardware to carry around in an earpiece. Does such a thing actually exist?
  As long as it only goes in one way, sure. The connector shouldn't be reversible though, as left and right ears would be swapped.   Then there would be the issue of Apple's devices being incompatible with every set of headphones ever made unless you want to carry an adaptor which sorta negates the elegance of a slim connector.   If it's really necessary for a pocket computer/communications device (it just doesn't seem right to refer to it as just "a phone" anymore) to be...
  What is a digital headphone? How does it work?
  Which is another reason it's better!   j/k, I prefer the ATV but seriously, who wants to watch utoob on TV?
  From your keyboard to Jony Ive's eyes...   Obviously part of Apple's appeal is removing the barriers to interaction presented by bad UI design (including remotes) and excessive complexity, but GAD man, there are LIMITS!  Jony thinks we're morons!
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