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  What? Not just wrong but WAY wrong.   As someone interested in Apple, I am almost by necessity VERY interested in what its competitors do. Of course Samsung plays dirty. That doesn't make what they do irrelevant. That's the market in which Apple competes. If you want to bury your head in the sand that's your business, but don't presume for one second that anyone else wants to follow you.     So, in other words, "Dumb it down because people here are stupid."   Please...
  Some people here, not all of them, are hyper-sensitive to anything not overtly fawning towards Apple. Even innocuous comments like yours are somehow interpreted as being anti-Apple. Don't try to understand because you'll just hurt your head. Ignore them.
  Right? But really, what's the point of something like the device on the left? It's too small to do anything on it. The device on the right is, well, the problem is obvious.   Which brings me back to where I've been on this whole product category from the beginning: What's it for? What does it do? Why do people want one?   Maybe the answers will make me want one too, but so far I confess I just don't get it.
  It may be that many Apple TV owners use theirs primarily for AirPlay rather than streaming. I'm sure a good number of them are in corporate settings (including my own workplace) where they are never used for anything but Airplay. Those of us on forums like this may reasonably be expected to do more with our devices than the average consumer.
  You're right. Still, given that my reputation around here leads me to be considered wrong until proven less wrong, I defer to your judgement!      True, but:   Marge: "It's very easy to criticize." Homer: "Fun, too!"
  What surprises me is that I can't get a black face with an aluminum back. That's the colour scheme for every other product in their lineup from iPad to iMac to MacBook Pro. Why not the iPhone?
  Layering, depth, glossiness. The appearance of objects was more indicative of how they were to be used in iOS6. In 7 everything is just another blah panel.   EDIT: Lest I give the wrong impression, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm neither for nor against the new look. It won't affect my buying decisions at all and I'm sure I'll adapt. I think it's a retrograde, but not one that really matters all that much.
  If you want to see where the design concept is going, just turn on your TV. Look at the stuff on the bottom of the screen -- not full-screen animations, but the "text" stuff like names and locations and such.   Every TV graphics package introduced in the last 12 months or so is using flat font with no drop shadows and flat graphics with no borders, shadows or "depth" elements. Vibrant colors have been dropped for "softer," almost pastel shades.   It's hard for the...
  That is the very first sensible argument I've seen for shifting away from "sophisticated" to "sophomoric" design principles. If it IS to make the UI work with vector graphics instead of bitmaps, then HOORAY!   I really hope you're right.
  No, it effing ISN'T. Show me where it says "Pro-Apple remarks only." Some of the articles to which we respond are overtly critical of Apple.   What none of the zealots seem to get is that one can have a complaint about something Apple does or makes and still be pro-Apple. Objections and complaints do not automatically equal h8ter.     That's good! I like that.
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