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  Who came up with THAT designation? I've searched the site high and low and can find no reference to the intention for either AI as a whole or the forums in particular to be "pro" anything. News about and discussion of issues and events related to Apple.   Being a cheerleader is only one way to enjoy Apple products. One may also be a critical consumer and even be less than completely satisfied yet still choose Apple because the positives outweigh the negatives. That...
  My "type?" what does that mean?   I carefully chose the phrase "It seems to me" exactly because I do not have verifiable data to support my position and am positing based on an impression. It's an honest approach to finding real answers as opposed to pushing an agenda or sating a starving ego. Not surprising that the concept is unfamiliar to you.
  And yet in actual use it's obvious that it is. Use one for an hour then switch to a 15" display. It will be obvious how much difference that extra space makes.       You're right, 1920 x 1200 on a 17" is about the limit of how small you can make UI elements and still keep it comfortably legible. That's why I'm not particularly excited about that resolution on a 15" screen. It's just too small.
  The objective is to get more content on the screen while remaining legible. A smaller screen runs contrary to that objective. A 15" with external monitor works, but it's easier to carry a 17" laptop.
  Agreed. Sometimes I just do not understand Apple AT ALL. 
  Still, MUCH easier to carry around than a computer with separate monitor.     Yeah, but unlike Apple's, they can be swapped out so all I have to do is carry ten of 'em like I do for the camera and the audio recorder and the mixer...         Nonsense. It's an inconvenience and Apple can't be bothered. I'd accept "it's a market Apple doesn't want" but not "it's not viable."
  I use as capable a computer as I can reasonably manage to carry. Compared to some of the other gear I have to lug around, even a huge computer is comparatively small.   The 17" MBP rides around in exactly the same backpack that carried my 15" before it.   As for external monitors, would YOU want to carry one around with you everywhere you go? Me neither.
  Have you ever, even once, posted anything here that expresses an opinion on a subject, provides any kind of grounds for thought, or uses verifiable data to support or refute an argument? It seems to me like you post only insults. Do you want to talk about what's really causing all those feelings of helplessness and inadequacy that drive you to misguidedly unleash all your pent up hostility here? We all just want to help. Feel the love.
  What? It's HIS fault that others choose to post insults and attack the individual instead of the viewpoint or argument? That's ridiculous. People choose how they respond. Some people focus on the contents of the post, others on the person offering the opinion.   What you're describing sounds a lot like the kid in the schoolyard repeating "Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?"
  Find a way to load iOS on the latest BB handsets? The last two seemed to be pretty good.
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