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  I wonder if the fact that Blackberry is a Canadian company, and more importantly NOT American, would put it outside the jurisdiction of the anti-trust cops?   Not that I know the first thing about laws or corporate rules or anything, just spitballin'.
  $360 WHOLESALE, not retail.   We don't even know that he's right about THAT figure.
  ...and with that, pages of cogent, well-reasoned arguments are dismissed as just more vitriolic abuse from a very rude person.   Why you wanna do that?
  Just one man's opinion, but I don't think they do. I think the iMacs *DO* look "cheap."   I'm NOT maligning the iMac, I think it was a great idea (duh -- obviously) and I'm NOT saying Apple made a mistake, just that its success does not equate to it not looking cheap. I believe that's a subjective call.   Edit: P.S. I think the supposed 5C case looks great except for the colors shown so far. I don't care if it's plastic, aluminum or stainless steel as long as it looks...
  It did sell well and is now a pop culture icon, but I think it would be fair to call it a P.T. Barnum "can't argue with success" kind of thing... like "Geez, translucent fruit colors and it sold. Go figger." Did it sell because it looked weird, or was it because it was such a great idea and great value that even people who thought it was unattractive bought it anyway?   The 5C may very well sell extremely well in whatever colors Apple offers, but that doesn't...
  Unfortunately it also means I have to unplug everything else, too. I don't have to disconnect everything to get inside my Big Mac. The consolation prize is that I can't think of many reasons I'd ever NEED to get inside the MacTube. No drives, no slots, no reason to open.   I want a chrome one! That looks SOOO much better than the black!
  Hm, around our house we think the difference is considerable and obvious. For years we've had one of each, and we both find the 17 much nicer to work on. That size at that resolution seems to hit a really nice UI scale, and because of the higher resolution the extra size provides more than just an extra inch of width.   We haven't tried a retina at 1650 yet though.
  I meant some people may choose an alternative Mac, not another platform.   For example, I run one machine as a headless render/transcoding box. Instead of a new ProTube, an i7 quad mini might be "good enough" for that task when the speed vs. cost comparison is done.
  Apple Insider forums. Not you, but at least two other people.     I agree with you.  
  Yeah, but it's yet another piece of long coin I either have to save, amortize or squeeze out of a bean counter.   I get the rest of your point, and if your numbers are correct (Judges?) it's not a world ender. It's not a non-issue either though.   At least it can be solved just by throwing money at it! To some that will be great relief. To others that's still going to be frustrating though, because it adds another expense to the cost of an already expensive device, on...
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