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  This is what I keep wondering. Apple sees that a product is selling poorly so they just discontinue it. I'm obviously not privy to what goes on in Cupertino, but I find myself wondering if there's a lot of consideration given to the possibility that people want something LIKE that but not THAT. Is it possible that maybe there's a touch of product egotism going on that leads Apple execs to believe that if what they're offering isn't selling, nothing will?   Often I think...
  Not mine. No room for a big desk, and even if there was, there's so much other stuff on it that there's no way I could make two monitors fit. Well, unless it was a REALLY big desk. But to warrant a desk that big I suspect I'd be doing a job that wouldn't require two monitors. I'd have people to do my monitor viewing for me.
  They're going to stop selling it. They're not going to take away the copy you already have. Just keep using it.
Even if Apple does profit from this, I still like it. They don't HAVE to do anything.
  I hadn't thought about that. I guess sometimes a design engineer may choose to implement a less-than-state-of-the-art component if using something better would have a negative affect on something else, and that negative affect outweighs the benefits of using it.   Like, say, using a lesser camera so that the user isn't stuck with a dead phone halfway through the day because taking all those fabulous pictures drained the battery.
  Obviously the camera wasn't *THE* deciding factor in my choosing an iPhone, but for my wife and me it actually was *A* factor. I wanted to quit carrying a point-n-shoot and my wife wanted to be able to grab a quick video here and there without having to get out the camcorder. So in our case the camera was part of what drew our attention to the iPhone in the first place. It we were now where we were then, we would probably give the Nokia a look based on that ad.
  "A little?" Clearly you don't know me at all! I'm completely irrational!   I just wrote a diatribe explaining my situation in detail but deleted it after realizing that, in addition to being TL;DR, no one really cares.   Suffice to say that I think the move to an in-house form factor for storage is a bad idea, many of the apps I use are not yet retina-optimized, and part of me still clings desperately to the faint hope that somehow someday Apple will resurrect the 17"...
  Ask not what Apple can do for you, ask what you can do for Apple?   But seriously, fair point. Perhaps there is no need. There are a couple of minor issues with the current mini that could be overcome simply by making the case a little larger, but nothing that would make the difference between me buying a Mac and not.       Nothing.   It would be nice if it had better pixel pushing power. If I played games on my computer using my TV as a display, it'd be a big jump from...
  No, I agree. I know the iMac is supposed fill that category but I can't use it. The computer sits on a shelf connected to the TV, so aside from a built-in display being redundant there's just no room for it. There's room for something bigger than a Mini though.
  I would, but Canadian carriers aren't offering them anymore. Instead they sell "Personal Hotspots" that allow multiple users to share the LTE bandwidth wirelessly but require AC power and are comparatively large.   I was willing to change carriers just to do exactly what you suggest, but NONE of them support USB sticks anymore.   UPDATE: It appears Bell is now offering them again (they weren't when I checked a couple months ago), but the word is the performance is so...
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