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  For me, that actually reinforces the point you dispute.   Pro Tools plug-ins enhance the app or provide alternatives to the built-in offerings, but one CAN produce an entire album, and even produce a soundtrack sync'ed to picture, with no third-party software whatsoever. One may PREFER a third-party EQ, and a third party might offer an effect you'd otherwise have to laboriously create manually, but all the tools required for even an extended workflow are built-in. The...
  Microsoft limits their database to a top-tier more expensive package but at least they offer it as part of their Office suite. Apple charges more for that one app than either it or Microsoft charge for the rest of the office apps combined.   Is it any wonder people wind up using word processors or spreadsheets for organizing data instead of doing it properly?     It didn't sell because it was almost useless. It was one step up from a pen and notepad. No forms, no...
  What could possibly be on someone's phone that's worth that amount of effort?
  Doesn't work with current ATVs.
  Yeah, what's that about? I hit Play in iTunes, select AirPlay, and at some point (half-an-hour or so?) it just stops. Is this an AirPlay thing or an iTunes thing?
  The network I work for uses flash for video delivery via our web site. No amount of screaming and complaining and stomping our feet will get the corporate IT cabal to listen. They like Flash because they get built-in DRM and, as a convenient side-effect, Ad-Blocker prevents videos from playing at all so if you want to see our video you have to watch our ads too.
As much as I'd love for this to be true, I think it may be too great a leap from the evidence presented to the conclusion drawn. It seems like there might be some rebranding at work and possibly weeding the code garden a little, but is that the same as dumping Android?   Wouldn't it be cool if Google decided not to develop their own OS outside of whatever they need to operate their core web offerings like Gmail et al, made nice with Apple and the two got together on...
  Its as in possessive. It's correct.
  I actually know three people that bought the 4 outright, after the 4S was released but before the 5.   I appreciate that three is a fairly small sample upon which to gauge a trend, but I'm confident that it means everyone everywhere will buy a 5C.       Right? 
  To be clear, my comments regarding size and price have nothing to do with MY wants. *I* want a giant machine with a V8 and an enormous display. For me, cost is a consideration but it's further down the list than performance and usability. I know I'm not a typical buyer.   The whole issue of relative numbers sold between 13 and 15 is really a side issue anyway. My real point is that I think the "entry point" for a 15" is too high compared to the 13".   Apple offers...
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