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  Obviously. I get that. What I don't understand is why?       I have, actually. I work in the middle of downtown Vancouver. Hipster Central. Everyone is texting, and they're all using two thumbs. That's part of what made me wonder who Apple is trying to satisfy with this one-handed design.     I'm not sure how you got the impression that I'm being snarky. I didn't intend it that way. Sorry if I was unclear. I don't think it WAS "meaningless" though. I said, and...
  What is it with you guys? I said "~$2000" which means "around" $2000. $1800 IS around $2000 especially after taxes. But the exact amount plus or minus $100 obviously isn't really the point, is it? The point I was making is that the price of entry for a 15" Mac is up there.     Not everyone needs top-of-the-line. Did you miss the part where I mentioned a machine for web surfing, email and light photo manipulation that isn't an iPad?   The current approach is similar to...
  Yes, and $1,999.99 is less than $2000. Sorry, I forgot the audience. Do please focus on the details while ignoring the overall point.    In this particular jurisdiction, $1800 becomes MORE than $2000 after Provincial and Federal taxes, but y'know, ignore that and just be pedantic because that's more fun than addressing the actual point, which is a discussion of whether or not there's a viable market for a less expensive 15".   There are people who want a laptop rather...
  Not quite yet... we still need a 15" laptop that doesn't cost as much as a diamond ring. Right now the only way to get a MacBook under ~$2000 is to settle for a 13" screen.
  I don't understand that objective. Why is it so critical that one be able to operate their phone with one hand? What are they doing with the other one?   If that's important to you, don't buy the bigger one. If, like me, you use both hands anyway, what difference does it make?
  Excellent argument, because the parallels between dinosaurs and pocket computers are spookily similar.  With due respect, WTF are you talking about?   If YOU don't want a larger-screened phone, don't buy one. There's no reason to expect that if Apple finally offer a larger screen they'll stop offering the one they have now. Just PLEASE stop telling ME that I'm somehow "wrong" for wanting a keyboard big enough to accommodate my fat, clumsy fingers and to be able to see...
  And you're in a position to dictate what *I* should want because...?   How the hell do YOU know how I use my phone, or what I prefer, or how bad my eyes are, or the applications that would benefit from more real estate or any of an infinite number of perfectly valid reasons for wanting a larger screen? The arrogance you demonstrate by assuming to tell others what they should think is astounding.   Get over yourself.
  Like you, I hope the colors we've seen are NOT what will be offered for sale. Barf, indeed.   I'm not optimistic that the choices will be good though. Look at the iPod colors. How does a company that does neutral so well have so much trouble choosing pleasing colors?
  Is it wrong that I like the look of the thing in the photo more than the iPhone 5? Based just on the case and not considering internals, I'd buy one.   If it had a bigger screen, that is. 
  Toyota builds engines in Kentucky. Honda makes them in their Alabama facility and starting this year some will be made in Ohio.
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