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  What do you mean? No one I know has a car that supports iOS. Please explain.
  I have wondered for years why Apple DOESN'T make a head unit? It just seems like such an easy market to penetrate and almost instantly dominate. Is there something I'm missing?
  Your sig bids farewell to SolipsismX. Where'd he go?
  I imagine it depends on your neighborhood. If you live amongst unbathed hipsters you will travel with unbathed hipsters.   In the part of Vancouver I used to live in transit was a nightmare because it was always overcrowded, which meant standing in the rain as bus after bus drove by without even stopping because they were full -- and full of yucky people to boot.   Since moving to a less central location, still in the same city, my transit experience has been quite...
  Right. Like Maps.             (Running and ducking!  Sorry, just feeling cheeky today!)
  - Because he's smarter than the average consumer? - Because he's not swayed by the latest tech fashion trend? - Because his household income is under $250,000?       Kidding, kidding... it was just too juicy a lob to resist smashing!    No honest, I love Apple! Call off the lynch mob! I was only joki esagrhest jebkntrlym uig.k
  Are you sure? How? What do you select from the main menu screen?
  Then you REALLY need a better digital-to-analog converter. Bits is bits, so if you're hearing a difference you have a jitter problem.
  Connecting storage to the ATV without needing a computer in between is near the top of the priority list for both SolipsismX and me. It would be a significant advantage for anyone who has a local library they play via the ATV.
  Fair enough, but how did I mislead anyone? I said Cook's excuses were bullshit and the Nexus is more proof of that. Is that not true?   I don't know the REAL reason any more than anyone else. That doesn't change the fact that we DO know that his STATED reasons were baloney.       Aw c'mon, at least try it first! How do you know until you actually present a reasoned argument?
New Posts  All Forums: