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  First, I'm pretty sure Tim can defend himself and doesn't need some anonymous ego-on-the-internet to speak on his behalf. Stick to arguments relevant to the issue and drop the deification-as-de-facto-point. Unless you're a TC confidant you don't know any more than I do so drop the airs.     Second, I have more than the slightest idea what I'm talking about. Tim said it is not possible to build a screen with acceptable battery life, good reliability, decent color...
  While discussing a similar subject with someone else, I came to the conclusion that while some of what I mentioned was subject to personal priorities, some are tangible, universal "issues."   The one that's the biggest issue is the storage in the rMBP. When you buy it you get 256MB. So now, a year later, you want to upgrade to 750MB. Where do you go? Who sells them? OWC and who else? No one.   Assuming you find one, how much does it cost? How does that price compare to...
  From your keyboard to Tim Cook's eyes... PLEASE let it be so!
  NAS? Are you sure? Without a computer or other device to act as a conduit between the NAS and the ATV?
  I don't understand what that means. Would you please elaborate?
This new Nexus looks like a pretty cool piece of hardware. Is there a way to jailbreak it and install iOS?
  I agree. We probably wouldn't choose the same car, either. That variety of preferences and biases is why I think it's a good idea to have more than one size of iPhone.
  Jony's fetish for anorexic computers.   I don't like the rMBP's use of a unique and exclusive storage format that reduces choice and increases cost just to make it thinner. Fine idea, but not for the Pro. If I want thin, there's an Air for that. I also happen to think the Retina display is total overkill for a computer display, but that's not a hating point, just an observation.   As for the iMac, they went to slower standard storage, offer only Fusion as a faster BTO...
  Everyone who mocked those of us who said Tim was making up excuses when he said one can't make a screen with good color saturation and resolution and white point in that size:   Nyah nyah! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of Elderberries!   You may now begin coming up with lame claims of how this is totally different than what Apple uses...   Whether or not Apple CHOOSES to make a larger iPhone or a higher res iPad mini is totally up to them and until...
    I agree with Allen about the appearance of iOS7. What little I've seen of it was enough to make me cringe, but unlike Allen I'll probably install it anyway just because function matters more than appearance.   Did Sir Jon suffer a blow to the head a couple years ago? First the rMBP, then the iMac, now iOS.
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