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  I have no doubt that Apple believes that, but I wonder if it's true. A mini buyer seems to me to be a much different animal than an iMac buyer. I don't think either is particularly specification-conscious, so I don't think similarity in configuration would be all that likely to sway most buyers of those machines from one to the other.   An iMac buyer wants a complete general-purpose computer, ready to go. I suspect most mini buyers have a specific application in mind...
  You don't think so? Take a look at a sunset in any iTunes/Netflix movie. Those bands of color are among the most annoying artefacts ever, audio or video.   Compressed video is about a thousand percent better than it was a decade ago, but it ain't "there" yet.
  Dude, relax. It's a TV, not a cure for cancer.   All I was saying is that I don't understand how a light shining through a display element could produce deeper blacks than a plasma element. You didn't address that point at all, but fine, yours is bigger (and blacker) than mine and therefore better.   So anyway, how about that new Mac Pro, eh? Pretty cool.
  Oh, but Apple only uses the finest, organically grown, carbon-free RAM that is faster, more accurate and much more reliable than the crap every single manufacturer on the planet dumps on the consumer market. Apple RAM is WORTH twice as much! Only a fool would buy aftermarket.  
  LOL! True enough!
  For the record I don't think Lightning vs. Mini-USB is a big enough deal to care about all that much, BUT:   USB has only been updated twice in 17 years, and both times the improved version was backward compatible. I don't think that's a strong argument in favor of Lightning.
    EDIT: I just realized your comment may have been tongue-in-cheek. If so, please ignore me and move along (some would suggest that's the best strategy in ANY circumstances!).If you were actually serious, please see below:     Oh jeez, you're one of those, are you? Okay, yeah, yeah, whatever you say, Apple can do no wrong, everything Apple does is better than what anyone else does, etc. etc. etc. Honestly, I don't know how you guys prevent your head from exploding when...
  A projector has better black levels than a plasma display? That seems contrary to the laws of physics...
  Pfft. Projection? Please. We have a Panasonic 103" Plasma! Only $50,000. 
  Yeah, first there was the 30-pin that they only used for 11 years, and now they've gone and changed it calling it technology for the next decade so it'll probably only be 9 or 10 years before they change it AGAIN! It's impossible to keep up.   /s     You call $20 "cheap?" I don't. Even Monoprice's typically excellent pricing is triple what a conventional Mini-USB costs.
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