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I just tested it for Vancouver (Canada) and the recommended route was not the ideal choice, but the second suggestion was. Close enough. I call it a win!
  Would a living room/home theater computer count? Is that common yet? In that setting the computer uses the TV as the display, so the screen on an AIO is redundant and the size makes it impractical. Fortunately there's a mini for that, but the current model is pretty weak in the graphics department.   BTW, I'm not arguing against the value or utility of the iMac in general, I'm just seeing if I can meet your challenge.
  Aw poo. My joke scored a fail. I was trying to do a play on misunderstanding "porno" and thinking you wrote "promo!" I guess I'm about as funny as I am smart!   If I ever spout pretentious crap like "listen with your eyes" in real life it is my sincere hope that my loved ones will have me put down.
  I make sure that the sounds I add and way I combine them supports what's happening on screen and never distracts from it. If I have a choice of sonic "directions" I'll try to choose one that reinforces and helps sell the product.   The picture will tell you what it wants sonically, you just have to learn how to listen with your eyes.   That is my philosophy towards doing soundtracks for promos.             What?   Oh.   Never mind!
  There's lots to hate about Pro Tools, but crossfades are actually one of its greatest strengths.   You create it by dragging the mouse between regions. The farther you drag, the longer the fade. In preferences you can set up a default fade curve -- constant power or constant gain -- but you're not stuck with it. Double-click the fade and a window pops up that lets you drag the curve around with the mouse.   Want less of one region and more of the other? Drag the fade...
    This nugget of naiveté brought to you by a man who chose to call himself "warheart." I guess we know where YOUR values lie, huh? Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out, right?   Ya wanna argue semantics and ideologies or do you wanna focus on the issue at hand which is that your government is spying on you and lying about it?   Collecting intel for law enforcement has been around forever. The difference between "traditional" surveillance and what we're seeing now is...
  So? If they know they're being watched, and that US "Officials" know what they're doing, wouldn't that thwart the attempt? You don't steal a car when a cop's watching you.
  Isn't that cable cord your internet connection, which is how the Apple TV gets the content?
  Nah, Logic is a music creation tool. I do audio-for-video.
  Worse THAN my husband, not "then."   My wife LOVES it when I correct her like that. I bet you do, too!  
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