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  But when you push too much juice into a capacitor it explodes like a firecracker. The bigger the capacitor, the bigger the boom. A capacitor big enough to act as a battery for a smartphone would have enough explosive power to blow off fingers and rip flesh from limbs.   I think I'd rather take my chances with a burning Li-Ion cell than an exploding capacitor. The former is progressive, providing at least a limited opportunity to mitigate the harm. An explosion is over...
  What were the things you liked about it? Not jabbing, genuinely curious (asked by an only ever Pro Tools user who wonders if he should learn something else someday).
  Does someone miss it?
  I didn't say it was wrong, I said people don't EXPECT to have to make an appointment to drop off a repair. It's swell that you came up with a completely irrelevant unrelated situation in which one must make an appointment. Shall I now come up with one that doesn't? Okay. Do you make an appointment to return that hair dryer to WalMart? Oops, sorry, I accidentally chose a relevant example.    Yes, you CAN make an appointment for your oil change, but you don't HAVE to. You...
  Seriously? Who would anticipate having to make an appointment to drop off a repair? I know to do that NOW, but only after being told to go away and not come back until I'd learned how to use their online appointment system.   It's atypical so people don't expect it. It doesn't make Apple evil, but it's unfair to chastise the person getting that first time surprise.
  You might be. With the exception of buying and activating an iPhone, (which I've never done at an Apple store myself but I'm told is a nuisance) I've found the Apple Store to be the most amazing retail experience of my life. Lots of helpful staff, product samples to play with everywhere, and I can check out with virtually any staff person or even myself! I don't know how they could make it better.   EDIT: To be clear, I'm talking about the purchasing side of things. The...
  What you said. It's bad enough when you lug in a warranty repair only to be sent away, but one doesn't expect to have to make an appointment to BUY something.   My local lab books up to 50% capacity by appointment, the other half is first-come-first served. That way one at least has the OPTION of waiting around until someone is free. Might be a long wait, might be short, you never know. Those who don't want to deal with that uncertainty can make an appointment.   I...
  That would go a long way towards getting me to buy my phone at an Apple Store. I don't feel comfortable doing a trade-in by mail (plus I can do without the expense and hassle), but if I could just walk into an Apple Store and trade in my iP4 on the spot, I'd be inclined to do so.
  Would the present owners have to consent to a buyout? Maybe they don't want to let it go.
  Y'know, if you had just left out that first sentence, that post would...       Never mind.
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