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  Which ones? That's what MacRulez was asking. If what you say is true, you should be able to specify WHICH apps haven't made the transition.   It seems safe to assume that there may be some, but are they actually successful apps or just yet another flashlight?
  No, it wasn't. Do you even read what you quote DED?   It took MONTHS of complaining to Apple before ANYTHING was done. App store reviewers allowed hacked apps into the store in spite of the actual app not matching the provided screenshots, something the developer believes should have been a pretty obvious red flag to Apple's app approval person.   To be clear, I'm not complaining about Apple, iOS, apps or the App Store, but calling out DED's bullshlt "evangelism." It is...
  Y'think? I thought they were kinda cool. There's really no operational need for a border around the screen on a phone, and a little bigger/wider would sure be welcome 'round these parts.
The article says both Nokia hardware and Microsoft software are "lagging behind" but doesn't specify what they're lacking. It may be true, but the article sure doesn't demonstrate it. I can claim I'm much smarter than Stephen Hawking if I don't have to provide any kind of comparison.
  Well I'll be damned. I swear to you, when I tried to bring it up last week I got an empty area where Marquette should be. Three Cedars Drive and Champlain were there, but no Marquette. You're right, it came up when I tried it just now. Maybe there was a glitch in the rendering when I tried before.   I stand corrected. And pleased!
  Excellent point. I don't know if I've been guilty of that (probably), but next time I'm tempted to make a meaningless generalization instead of focussing on specifics I'll remember your post.     I understand what you're saying, but I'd be inclined to at least try it. I find having a boundary area between two monitors distracting. Then again, I've never worked with a giant monitor so maybe I'd hate that more.
  What the f*ck are you talking about?! I gave you two specific example of where it failed just in the last two weeks. Next time you're in town look for Marquette Crescent. See how that works out for you.   I'm glad it's working for you, but calling me a liar is WAAAAY out of line.
  Thank Dog for that! The less Behringer gear in the field the better! Maybe people will be forced to buy something half-decent.
  How else would you have one view one's own business? I'd cut you some slack on that one as you're not self-employed, but really it's just common sense. One by nature of the process quite obviously looks inward when evaluating what is needed to grown one's business and make money.       I see. So Ford makes only one version of it's overwhelmingly successful workhouse, the F150, is that right? They don't offer versions with heavy transmissions for those who wish to...
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