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  Why? All my rips are on a separate drive and iTunes plays them just fine. Just drag 'em in to iTunes from whatever device they're on.
  Oh I agree that the Mac is ingenious in that respect. I was responding to the suggestion that aftermarket accessories may take on that form. An external hard drive, card cage or I/O device wouldn't really benefit from a cylindrical shape but would occupy more space than a rectangular enclosure.   I really wasn't thinking about anything more than that, but your line of thinking is opening my mind a bit. You're right that there may be room to apply a little imagination to...
  I don't see how attached vs. separated makes any difference, but fine, let's say the analogy is flawed. The point is still rather obvious though -- the included earphones cost Apple something to make, and they recoup that cost plus markup as part of the device selling price so they are not free, period.
  No, it isn't a "fact." There's no way to prove a negative, so it by very definition can not BE a fact. Then there's the issue of his listed criteria being subjective and it's impossible to qualify.   I stand by my assertion that Apple absolutely COULD build a larger screen iPhone that meets the criteria Cook listed. They obviously CHOOSE not to and that's fine, but the reasons he listed are pure peeper wool. My guess (and that's all it is) would be that Apple doesn't...
  Well, one reason "why not" is that putting rectangular devices in a cylindrical enclosure is not a particularly efficient use of space.
  Those renders show metallic colors. The photos don't. That makes a pretty significant difference to their "attractiveness."
  I *HATE* that practice! Tracking down a model by production date is a PITA. I bought my MacBook Pro is 2009. Does that mean it's a 2009 model? Or is it a "Late 2008?" It's a bloody nuisance. If they won't number them I would sure appreciate at least making the model number more prominent and using THAT as the designator.
  I think you're right.       Some of us don't believe those supposed trade-offs actually exist, so no time is required to "overcome" them.     That doesn't mean I think they'll release a bigger screen this year though. It is exactly because they won't that Cook had to come up with all that nonsense as an excuse.
  I think you overestimate the expectations of the average smartphone buyer. We tend to assume that everyone must surely appreciate the subtle conveniences and premium features of iOS, but many just don't really care. They don't see themselves using things like AirPlay and FaceTime. They see Siri as a cute gimmick but not really necessary. They use Windows and Gmail or Hotmail so device sync doesn't have much value for them. Heck, most of the iPhone owners I know rarely...
  No they're not. They're part of the cost of the package. That's like saying the screen is free because it's included when you buy the device.   I'm of two minds on this one. On one hand, Apple goes to great lengths to ensure other parts of the user experience are top-notch -- things like aluminum enclosures and Retina screens -- so it seems inconsistent and disappoints me that they settle for "good enough" when it comes to the earphones.   On the other hand, the...
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