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  So according to Mikey, a good seal is necessary to maintain a compact form factor. Does that mean the if the seal is poor the earbuds grow larger?        That's true. Unfortunately the amplifiers in iOS devices and portable Macs are probably not able to deliver the power required for those adjustments. They're sufficient for full-scale, brick wall-limited pop music, but not for anything delivered with nominal levels that leave room for dynamic range like movies or...
  Gotcha.   I don't know how Apple can shift the hardware paradigm without alienating some users. I'm not even sure they SHOULD be moving it in this direction, as the user benefit is not immediately apparent to me, but you know Apple...   External storage isn't a big deal, but it IS more expensive. The other issue is much more serious. To someone already heavily invested in PCIe cards -- like $3,000 graphics cards or $10,000 Pro Tools cards -- the change represents a...
  The bashing from pros I've seen has nothing to do with how it looks, it's about changes to the hardware paradigm. It could look like a monkey scratching its armpit and pros would still buy it as long as it performs well.   The fickle consumer market is MUCH more concerned with outward appearance than the pros who shove it under a desk and never think about it again until it farts.
  Right, sorry. I should have said "...a geezly EXPENSIVE plastic case."    If yours is not in a case at all, I'm sure you recognize that you are in a very tiny minority in that regard.
  A nice discussion of Apple's cultural history, but none of that answers my question:   What is it about buying an iPhone that doesn't have a Retina screen that makes one an idiot?
  FWIW, I have no idea whether Apple will or will not stick to the Retina screen. I don't even particularly care one way or the other. My only point is that I don't believe the absence of a Retina screen automatically, by itself, makes a phone an idiot's choice.   In the case of both the screen and the chassis, we have no idea what other features of value Apple might include that make it more attractive than an iPhone 4. LTE? FaceTime over cellular? Siri? Who knows?...
  I've had productive, enlightening, useful, civil discussions with Gatorguy (despite his apparent attraction to the dark side) that help me make informed purchasing decisions. I don't agree with your assessment.
  Q: Which most closely describes your experience with this product:   [A] You did your homework and made a purchase that fits your needs and meets your expectations, and as a result you feel satisfied with both the product and your choice.   [B] You are a complete moron who bought on impulse without any consideration of value and now want to complain that the product is a piece of crap, not necessarily because there's anything wrong with it per se, but, like a man buying...
  What?! Why?   Sure, Retina is nice to look at and is a defining premium "luxury" feature but it's hardly essential.   How is trading a razors' edge of text sharpness for a lower price the mark of an idiot? Seems like a perfectly reasonable compromise to me.
  Oh 'Zoob, don't do that. "Literally?" As in "will grow wings and levitate?" We chastise, ridicule and berate the 20-somethings for that one. Don't let it get you, too.
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