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  With due respect, I believe he actually DOES get it. He knows, as do you and I, that Mr. Cook's comments on the subject were pure, unadulterated bullshit. Complete nonsense. His own products demonstrate as much.   I do not perceive any benefit to having someone other than Cook at the helm, but neither do I assume he's got some super-secret-power insight that allows him to see "truths" that are contradicted by what is clearly evident to anyone. He might tell incredible...
  Not bashing Cook, just picking a nit: The Retina MBP has not broken any records. I don't know if I'd call it a "failed" product but I wouldn't consider it a smashing success either. Hasn't adoption of this iteration been considerably slower than previous versions?
  Which would be hilarious, because it would be nice to see the knee-jerkers take it in the chops.   There are actually some ADVANTAGES to a plastic case, and it doesn't automatically mean "junk" (iPhone 3G anyone?).   I don't actually care whether there is or isn't a less-expensive phone or whether it is or isn't made of plastic, but if there is and it is, I will enjoy the sound of all the back-peddling!
  Touchscreen video editing would be almost like taking us back to where it all began -- shuttling film back and forth under the cutter with our hands.   I like the idea of physical controllers with dedicated knobs and/or buttons per function. That isn't always practical though, since even users of the same software set it up differently and use different plugins. To keep size and cost under control, the designer has to decide which controls to leave out or bury under...
  That's just a touchscreen emulation of an old-fashioned edit controller. The real test would be actually grabbing clips on the timeline with your fingers.   Edit: I tried iMovie on the iPhone which is kinda the same idea, and it felt a little clumsy and imprecise. That could be jut because of the tiny screen though.
  First thing I thought of when I saw it was Justin Bieber clutching a "Hello Kitty" toy.  Which isn't necessarily contrary to what you thought, but it does sorta raise questions about which people Apple wants to have fun? Are tweens really Apple's target market?   It won't influence my buying decisions because the surface appearance is just superficial, but it's my opinion that we've found Jony's weak suit. Horrid, utterly hideous. I'm no expert, but it strikes me as......
  Gotcha. I see what you're saying. The change resulted in a different priority point but similar value proposition.
  Apple dropping the 17" MBP and dragging their heels on incorporating USB3 pissed me off (I sat on a USB3 I/O device for over a year before I could finally use it with a Mac) so I went looking for alternatives. I found that a similarly equipped Asus was actually a few hundred bucks cheaper, while offering USB3 instead of USB2 and a Blu-Ray burner instead of DVD.   My take-away was that price was similar enough to not matter, but that Asus did a better job of keeping up...
  How much was the GPU though? Adding that to the $225 for the CPU would make the net somewhat closer to the $378 for the i7 with on-board graphics.
  In the $800 machine, not in the $600 unit.   Besides, wasn't the cost of the Quad i7 the same as the dual-core it replaced, or am I mistaken?
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