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  Not just "at first!" I still do!   But seriously, I want an 11" Air just to use it as an iPod MAX. It'd be great for that. Just not as an actual computer. 
  Firewire is solved with a simple Thunderbolt-to-Firewire 800 adaptor so I'm not too worried about that.   Blackmagic Design makes a stand-alone Thunderbolt device that's a reasonable equivalent to the HD-SDI video I/O card we're using now, and it's inexpensive so that's no big deal either.     I think we retired our last audio card somewhere around ten years ago. There are tonnes of inexpensive USB audio I/O solutions that will replace that M-Audio card without hurting...
  Which cards are you thinking of?   The Avid/Pro Tools Native interface is now available as a Thunderbolt device, but HDX isn't. That means that Mac is no longer compatible with the top-of-the-line industry standard in audio workstations.   The Apogee Symphony isn't an option, since it also uses a card as the connection point.   Other than those and a few RME devices though, everything else I can think of is either USB or Firewire. What else requires a PCIe slot?
  No, 1995 was the last time I had to deal with offline editing using proxies which were later conformed to the original material. Dragon Tattoo is simply an example of returning to a workflow I thought was long dead.       Hilarious video, and I get what you're saying, but I assure you my objection is not about superiority. It's about laziness and idiot-proofing.   Using proxies requires a more strictly-managed workflow with more room for whoopthies. It adds additional...
  It's going to be somewhat less convenient here. Everything we have now is low and flat - router, Time Capsule, Apple TV, Mac mini, Superdrive, hard drive -- nothing over an inch-and-a-hal tall. We have it all on a few rows of closely-spaced shelves. There's lots of space horizontally but only a few inches of height between shelves. Adding a "tower" component to a collection of devices that are all low and flat is gonna be awkward. Maybe we can stand all the other...
  Unless you work in surround like I do, in which case Pro Tools 11 takes us a step backwards and forces us to use a Pro Tools card, either Native or HDX. There's no host-based surround environment anymore since the Complete Production Toolkit has been discontinued.   The minimum price of entry for surround with Pro Tools is now $6000. Ludicrous.   Maybe I'll use my new Mac Pro to run Audition instead....
  ...and can't possibly be working a mini very hard, because that box is only quiet until you put it to work. Then it's a jet.
  Unless that PCI device happens to be a video card, in which case you're screwed. Adding anywhere from $400-1000 to the price of the card is no bargain either.   Don't get me wrong, I think we've reached a point in computer evolution that it may be okay to build a machine with no slots. I'm just saying either get a machine that has slots or live without 'em, 'cause the enclosures aren't a very flexible or cost-effective solution.
  Oh yay. Proxy again, huh? Welcome back, 1995.
  Between work and appointments and playing with the kid and enjoying a movie we're been wanting to see and a really nice dinner, somehow I forgot to sit through a couple hours of clap clap while the salesmen trot out their wares... pity. Oh well.
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