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    @#$%&!!!!!!!   Why? WHY would they use USB2 when the rest of their line FINALLY has USB3 (a year after everyone else, but better late than never)?   I swear, someone at Apple does shit like this just so they can watch and laugh as people like me jump up and down with excitement until we discover the "spoiler" that makes us shake our fists and scream.   Fast wireless to a slow drive. Freakin' amazing.
  I too hoped for just one more. Just one... I need four...   I kinda thought maybe ac would let me replace one of the hard-wired connections with wireless, but apparently ac drops down to n speeds as soon as a non-ac device joins the network. Crap. That means as soon as an iPhone walks into the house, beeeyoooooooop... network go slow now.
  I hardly think the extra 4 or 5 inches provided by the weird form factor make as much difference as, oh, I dunno, putting the unit on a shelf mounted higher than the furniture...
Four of us huddled around a monitor drooling over this thing on Apple's web site. One asks, "I wonder how much it costs?" Three others mumble in unison, "Who cares?"
  I used to think that way too, but not anymore.   Our existing Pro has a slot into which we can drop an upgraded video card. We never have. We bought the best the machine could support at the time and have never changed it.   We already have an external Blu-Ray drive (for the two or three times a year we use it) so that's not an issue.   Thunderbolt pretty much solves the last of the cases we had for slots. The Blackmagic Design cards we use for HD-SDI I/O are now...
I love this new feature. I would love it even more if it would let ME decide which features are the ones I most commonly access, but this is an improvement and I'll take it!
  Unless I want to check my data consumption, which involves using an app that requires shutting off WiFi.   There are other situations in which I shut it off, too, that have nothing to do with power management. Sometimes I prefer to use my data connection to get around various port blockers.
  This is footage you found on the web, so I'm assuming already quite heavily compressed, yes? Likely using a codec for which the Mac has hardware decoding? What happens when you have to edit material from a Red or a Canon C-series? I have no doubt the Pegasus can spit out the bits fast enough, I just question whether today's machines have the CPU and GPU grunt necessary to push all those pixels around as they arrive.
  I think people tend to exaggerate that issue. I spent half-an-hour side by side with my daughter today, her using her big-screen Samsung, me with a Retina iPhone. The quality of my screen was better, but hers was hardly "dodgy." It looked good. Maybe not quite as good as my iPhone, but I would certainly be satisfied with it. If they weren't right side-by-side I doubt the perceived difference would be enough for anyone to choose one over the other.   The difference in...
  Granted, but there are certainly tasks that are done much more EASILY on a 5" screen than on a 4" (or, let's be honest, what is really a stretched 3.5" screen).     True enough. There are, though, as evidenced by posts to this very forum, some of us who just aren't bothering to replace our existing iPhones because what we really want is a larger screen, and a slightly stretched version of what we already have isn't a compelling enough reason to drop hundreds of...
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