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 I don't really understand why the infotainment device even needs to be involved in any of the CANbus kind of stuff. Leave instruments, vehicle hardware and climate control proprietary. All the Android or iOS device has to do is navigate, play music and manage phone calls.
 Yeah, because bemoaning an epidemic lapse of common sense is the equivalent of championing dictatorial authority, right?  
 Yes. Seriously, yes. Honestly, what the hell is going on in his life that's so bloody important it couldn't wait 30 freakin' seconds until he could use it without gymnastics? That aside, a little less "nose buried in the screen in public places" and a little more "pay attention to what's going on around you, dipshit" would go a LOOONG way toward making this a better world.
 ?! You haven't held an iPhone side-by-side with a Galaxy, have you? I have, which is why I now want a bigger iPhone. If the little, tiny Asian women, who seem to be the primary buyers of phones with enormous screens around here, can manage them without trouble, it seems odd that you consider them "unwieldy."
 So you have data that rebuts his?      Yeah, that's what I thought.
 Perhaps I should then take some pride in the fact that I manage my life in a way that does not require trying to navigate a pocket computer screen while standing in line at the grocery store. Or dangling the kid. Or unlocking the door. The problem isn't screen size, it's people not knowing when to leave the freakin' phone alone for a few goddam seconds! :)
 Assuming that's true, one has to wonder what is turning off buyers: 1. Absence of premium features found only on the 5s (unlikely, since the 4 and 4s sold well alongside the 5) 2. The plastic back. Again, seems unlikely since it's better than the plastic on competing units that sell really well. 3. The "not-found-in-nature" colors. This is my bet. I'd be interested to see how well this model sells in more natural, conservative colors.
 I don't mind the idea of soldered RAM since I always max out at time of purchase anyway, but you bring up a good point: I've been maxing out with Crucial or OWC, not Apple. Soldered RAM means having to pay Apple prices. That could be much less attractive.
 Right. It appears that some of us are using minis for real work in tight spaces where an iMac isn't a practical alternative and are willing to pay for a fast, powerful version. My fear is that our needs/wants conflict with those who want the mini to be an inexpensive entry point into the world of Mac. I hope not.
 So in other words you were talking out of your ass, which is what I said. You decided you needed to chime in even though you don't know what you're talking about. As long as we're in the process of demonstrating how common sense works, please go back and read how I wrote that I appreciate Apple letting me try the new OS on my old device, I just wish they'd let me go back after discovering it doesn't work. If that's what you call "freaking out," you REALLY need to cut back...
New Posts  All Forums: