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  How would those situations be any different at all with a technological theft-deterrent system than it is now without one? Either way it's possession of stolen property, period. That's the way it is now, and nothing would change as a result of implementing a bricking system, so what's your point here?   The difference is that you wouldn't bother stealing it in the first place if you knew neither you nor anyone else could use it.
  I don't agree. I think making stolen phones useless will have an affect on crime. The reason I think so is the success immobilizers have had reducing car theft. In our jurisdiction the number of vehicle thefts has dropped in each of the last few years, as each year a larger percentage of vehicles have theft deterrent technology built in.
  That sounds like more than I do with my iPhone. Contrary to what you're saying, isn't that EXACTLY how people use an iPhone? What do iPhone users do that's different?
  That is, of course, part of what the critics are complaining about -- how long they perceive it is taking for Apple to fire.   Lots of people have made perfectly valid arguments explaining and justifying the existing release cycle as completely reasonable, but it's understandable how one might become frustrated as competitors release cool new products and Apple says "Just wait 'til Christmas!"
  That was hammered into me as "good form." Has that changed?
  Agreed. Plus the "I don't wanna" factor. I could learn new commands and procedures relatively easily, but I don't wanna. I already deal with all kinds of changes in my life; don't add to the pile. I'm busy, distracted and a little bit lazy. If you make checking my messages too much different than the way it is now I'm gonna bitch and whine and flood Apple's support line with stupid questions.
  That list doesn't leave much room for critique or statement of alternative preference. It almost seems that the only way NOT to be labelled a troll is to post only praise for Apple.   Or maybe that's just my interpretation, biased by my love/hate relationship with Apple. I keep buying their stuff, mostly because I prefer their operating systems over the alternatives, but many of their hardware decisions drive me crazy and often make me wish there was another choice as...
  That made NFC attractive to mee, too, until I discovered that I can send pretty much anything I want via the iMessage app, and we don't have to hold our phones within inches of each other to do it. The only downside is that it chews into our data allotment, so sending a lot of video could potentially become expensive. It would have to be A LOT though, given how compressed video on a phone has to be.
  Actually, I've recently done exactly that.   I moved away from Edmonton ~30 years ago but remained an Eskimos fan for a long time. In recent years my allegiance has shifted to the local team. When I talk about it with friends I say something like "I was an Eskimos fan for years, but lately they're making it really easy to be a Lions fan!"   I get your point though, and you're right, usually that's true. I just think that in this setting, where the prevailing sentiment...
  I would agree that 4K is becoming "more common" but I think it's an exaggeration to call it "the norm." I do not believe that the majority of work being done in a typical post house is 4K, never mind by the thousands of independent shooter/editors.   Getting back to the topic, Thunderbolt 2 will at least make it possible to get 4K from the disk to the machine more affordably than current methods, but can current Macs even play pro-codec 4K video? Our 2009 Mac Pro can't...
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