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  Where I work the sets all have a single button for CC on or off. Doing the same thing with ATV is... somewhat less convenient. My wife and I were watching some iTunes content on the ATC the other night and wanted to turn on captioning for a second because one of the characters mumbled a line and we wanted to know what he said. We were blown away by what a hassle it is.   There are apparently some drawbacks to the two-button remote approach! :)
  I saw and responded to that. I'm doing the same thing.   I bought an iPhone when, at least as far as I knew, it was pretty much the only game in town. I wanted what it offered: maps with GPS in my pocket and the ability to check my email on the road. I was amazed and impressed.   Over time I began to realize that the format was really just too small to be practical for some applications. Being able to read street names on a map requires zooming in to where only two or...
  Why not? What's changed? Isn't slow still slow?   Apple using 5400 rpm drives is one of those things that just mystifies me. The difference in price to step up to 7200 is SOOO minuscule that it doesn't seem worth risking tarnish on the "premium" brand.   And they're so arbitrary about it. A 7200 rpm drive is not available in the mini, even as a BTO option, but it is in the mini server. I don't get it.
I'm happy with the way the ATV is progressing. I just really really really want to be able to connect a drive full of content directly to the device so it's not dependent on a Mac to play my content.   Oh yeah, and SolipsismX's HDMI pass-through.
    Sure, you could do that, or you could read the comment in context. He said that plans to improve Thunderbolt IN THE FUTURE do not benefit anyone now. He's right. Why do you take issue with that?   Someday cars will do 100 miles per gallon. Academically interesting in the context of fossil fuels versus alternative energies, but doesn't affect a discussion of the shortage of gas stations TODAY.   Promising to double the bandwidth in the future does nothing to resolve...
  Maybe, maybe not. That's what we thought about Firewire vs. USB2 (remember the talk about FW1600?) and we were wrong. By the time USB2 was replaced, Firewire was dead too.       I thought I read or heard somewhere that while USB2 was CPU intensive, USB3 resolves, or at least significantly mitigates that. Have I been mis-informed?
  You can do that now. iOS already supports AirPlay mirroring.
  Yeah. Did I misunderstand? Fer cryin' out loud, I keep TELLING you I'm about a sharp as a sock full of pudding! Dumb, that is. Stoooopid as a stump.   Spell it out boy! Subtle doesn't work on the terminally thick.
  - We understand that you don't, but it must be clear by now that lots of other people want a larger screen. - See, above, and add "Especially older eyes and fat fingers." - Wanting a larger screen does not equate to "want Android." We still want iOS, but bigger. - Aside from fanboys and technogeeks, NOBODY walks into a store thinking "I want an iPhone because it has a RETINA screen." Ordinary people don't even know what that means. They buy it because it's shiny, works...
  Conversations are win/lose?       I really don't wanna get into a debate, but I wasn't changing the subject to claim victory. I was responding specifically to what you wrote:     My response is that being here sooner doesn't bestow you with special privilege or status. My opinion matters as much as anyone's, including yours. You made a statement, I countered it. No scarecrows anywhere.
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