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  I have trouble making my exchanges with you beneficial to anyone, but I let my frustration get the better of me in my response to you. My remarks were vulgar and had nothing to do with the topic at hand. I apologize to you and anyone else reading the group for that.   My exasperation doesn't excuse my response. In the future I'll just bow out rather than hurling insults.
  Agreed. I think. I suppose it's possible that a higher pixel density will actually look better though. Perhaps more pixels look better even when they're too small to be perceived individually? Seems unlikely though, doesn't it?     Perhaps that's true with games (I don't know, I don't have any nor would I have a way of testing that if I did) but the effect of increased frame rate is very easily seen with video. More frames per given interval allows for a shorter...
  Whatever. It's here to sell ad space. Your being here sooner doesn't make you better, smarter or "righter." Or for that matter, even consistent. Sometimes your responses to me are agreeable and pleasant, then the moment you think I've been critical of Apple (even if I actually haven't) you circle the wagons and do that hand-waving, "Oh, it's just v5v" thing again. Insulting strangers on the internet from a position of anonymity is hardly what one expects from those...
  See? No reading comprehension whatsoever. Go back and read what I wrote again. I said Apple tries to negotiate deals that are well outside generally accepted boundaries, like for example, asking the music industry for a streaming rate that's half the lowest current rate, or changing the way books are traditionally sold. I also clearly stated that it's (obviously) what Apple SHOULD do. There was no value judgement whatsoever, neither positive nor negative. Purely...
  Okay, first, get the hell over yourself. This is not some exclusive club and you're not some kind of special cognoscenti. It's a public forum that exists to expose advertising.   Second, I didn't write anything that indicted Apple. In fact, I was SUPPORTIVE of Apple's actions. Honestly, you guys are getting so bloody knee-jerk defensive that ANY comment that isn't effusive praise is viewed as condemnation. Lighten UP!   Yeesh.
  Previous encounters have taught me the value of trying to carry on a civil discourse with you.   The irony of disingenuous posturing and poking people with a stick through a fence while yelling "troll!" is lost on you, isn't it?
  Your expressions of personal preference are perfectly valid. Your sensitivity to price is reasonable. I don't understand the comment above, though. Apple dragged their feet painfully with USB3, but I can't think of another case in which they've been slow to adopt "the newest chips." Can you describe what you're referring to?
  Um, it was Mr. Cook himself who said new products are in the pipeline for the end of 2013 and into 2014. His way very definitively is "the Apple way."       The analyst's sale projections are rumor. The new product timetable is right from the horse's mouth. He didn't say what but he did say when.
  I dunno. Apple tends to see how far they can push the envelope (think negotiations for streaming music) and only pull back when hit with a really big stick (think agency model). That's their job and is what they should do.   The role of regulators is to make sure consumers don't get screwed when one company gains enough influence to potentially shut out competition. According to the article, Apple is crossing the line on that front.   If only one carrier offers the...
  Oh yeah, and then some. A cigarette lighter is a high current device. You could run two or three Macs from one cigarette lighter.   Inverters are horribly inefficient, but that's what I've been forced to use. I avoid blown fuses by using a decent quality unit rated for way more than I'll ever need.
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