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  In fairness though, the lines in front of Foxconn are less like what you'd find at an American job fair and more like the "queue" for a UN food truck at a refugee camp.
I hope the reason for this app being offline is something other than Apple being prudish. So it's sexual in nature... so what? It doesn't expose minors to inappropriate material and its intended purpose doesn't affect anyone but those who use it. Carry on bangin' as far as I'm concerned.
  I have never before seen written anything that more perfectly encapsulates the discrimination, evaluation and critical comparison so many Apple buyers bring to the selection process and buying experience.     Edit: Forgot the .
  At twice the price, using a thirty-dollar cable, increasing the amount of bulk, and possibly requiring an additional power outlet. There goes the supposed "elegance" of the so-thin-you-can't-repair-it-but-gee-isn't-it-pretty Mac.   I don't understand why you're so vehemently opposed to Apple making computers that allow access to the internal drive without the need for specialized tools and shop materials.
  If I gotta reboot the devices and restart the apps involved every time I want to use it, I'm just gonna stop wanting to use it. The point of the exercise is convenience, so if it doesn't offer that there's no reason left to bother.   Thanks for the tip though!
  Actually, I'd be willing to bet that most people never upgrade their RAM after the initial purchase. They might add some when they first buy it, but not after that.   DRIVES, on the other hand, are frequently replaced around here, partly due to failures and partly for increased capacity. Making them hard to get at and/or unique to specific models is what bugs me. It takes away the opportunity for klutzes like me to take advantage of the economies of scale that result in...
  Not from the desktop app. I'd like to be able to start a text exchange with someone on the phone and pick it up on the computer, even if they're not using an Apple device.
  You WISH. Maybe if it did you wouldn't have had millions of people suddenly lose their homes or a world-wide economic upheaval while unscrupulous, unethical traders took home literally billions in bonuses.
  Yeah, but they only seem to correctly identify North at about a rate that may be considered a statistical likelihood of coincidence. Kinda like how even a broken clock is right twice a day.   Mine is constantly pointing in some random direction. Must be my magnetic personality.
  Every so often we are visited by someone who is not bigoted, opinionated, moronic or an asshole. Please do not insult them just because you don't believe they know what they're talking about. Doing that drives them away and leaves only those who ARE bigoted, opinionated, moronic or an asshole (or some combination of the above -- I tend towards a weighted 3 with a touch of 4).   You can disagree or challenge without being insulting.
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