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  You don't know me. You have no idea how stupid I can be. Don't you dare presume how stupid I am. I have levels of stupid you can't even imagine. Do not engage me in a battle of stupidity, because you will lose.   Still though, f^ck you for responding with an insult.     A mobile version of a web site is not OS specific. Whether visits are from Android or iOS is irrelevant.       Advertisers should spend their money on sites that are popular. Whether those sites...
  In retrospect you may be right, but we don't really know for sure that the hybrid design of the hardware and OS is what buyers don't like. Maybe the objections to the Surface aren't even related to the OS. Could be price, size, weight... who knows?   I gotta admit, I actually thought the Surface Pro would do pretty well. Think about it -- a full-fledged powerful tablet that runs any software and overcomes the primary limitation of tablets -- awkward typing -- when...
  I don't know what that means. I try hard, but sadly I'm just not that bright.       If we assume it means that Google is inflating their activation figures, my reaction is "So what? Who benefits from knowing how many units Google really has in the wild anyway?"   If, on the other hand, we assume it means they really have delivered as many devices as they claim but buyers just aren't using them to visit specific web sites, then my reaction is "So what? Who...
  Elements. Much more feature-rich than I would have expected. A steal at $100.       Premiere certainly got a boost from the FCPX debacle, but "running Avid out of town?" I think we're talking about two different tiers of users there.       So, no telephone, internet or cable?       I'm wondering about that too now. I'm already over a year into the subscription model because I didn't want to shell out the long coin for an update to Master, but I didn't expect it to...
  It would be nice if the article actually MENTIONED more than ONE of the so-called "strict conditions" mentioned in the headline or the "prohibitive carrier requirements" noted in the very first line. The wording is obviously intended to make it appear that Apple is doing something wrong, but there's nothing in the article to support that position.
This is bad news. Very, very bad. For me, that is, not for Apple. I want everyone involved in the decision to shelf the 17" MBP to suffer horribly, to rue the day they put their convenience ahead of mine, and to crawl across broken glass to plead for another chance to make what *I* want. That seems somewhat less likely in light of this news.   Poo.
  I am honestly not trying to be a smartass here, but my reaction to this article is "So what?" How does anyone benefit from knowing that the majority of mobile web traffic comes from iOS devices? What does it mean? Why would anyone bother to check?   "A new report indicates that Volvo drivers use their cup holders more than Mercedes owners." It seems like an utterly meaningless data point.
Witty rejoinder withdrawn to avoid unnecessary histrionics.
  Our Engineering department will be thrilled to hear that! All this time we've been thinking those RAID cards and fibre interfaces and HD-SDI I/Os and keyers and graphics outputs and DSP farms were there for a reason. It'll be a relief to just toss 'em.
  What's the point of 64 bit in a computer with only half a GB of RAM?
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